Attending VMworld? Useful Tips & Hints


Attending VMworld this year?  If so, here are a few handy tips and hints that may make your trip to VMworld a little easier.  Of course this is far from a complete list so please feel free to leave a comment to the bottom of this post with any of your own tips that you think may be useful to others. I’ll then add them to the master list. 1. Beat the Queue: When leaving the plane, don’t dawdle.  Walk quickly past as many of your fellow passengers as is possible between the plane and the … [Read more...]

"Cannot change the host configuration" error message when adding disk storage to a VMware vSphere ESXi Host


Experiencing the "Cannot change the host configuration" and or Call "HostDatastoreSystem.QueryVmfsDatastoreCreateOptions" for object "datastoreSystem-xxxx" on vCenter Server error message when trying to add disk storage to your VMware vSphere ESXi host?  If so, check out my video below where I run through the easy to follow steps in resolving this issue. As with most things there can often be a multiple causes to a particular error, though in my experience I have found in the majority of … [Read more...]

Running VMware vSphere 6 on an HP Proliant ML110 G6


This is just a quick post to confirm that VMware vSphere/ESXi 6 runs on the HP Proliant ML110 G6.  Although this is now an older server, it is still very much capable and I know that there are still quite a few being used in home/work labs, hence this post. The CPU, Memory, Storage Controller and Network Adapter are all detected out of the box.  I used the HP image of vSphere ESXi 6.0 that I downloaded from here. The images below show what is presented through the vSphere Client – I … [Read more...]

[PODCAST] #15 – EMC ScaleIO with Jeff Thomas


ScaleIO is at the forefront of EMC’s Software Defined Storage (SDS),  providing performance and flexibility for those businesses looking at moving towards a SDS storage model.  Jeff Thomas (JT) joins me in this episode of the Data Center Insiders Podcast to discuss what ScaleIO is, a high-level architectural overview, VMware integration, the benefits it brings over traditional storage appliances and how to download your own (FREE evaluation) copy of ScaleIO for use in your own lab! … [Read more...]

[PODCAST] vChat : Episode 38 – vSphere Home Labs and EMC vVNX

vChat Podcast Episode 37

In vChat #38 Eric, David and myself talk about what they are using for their vSphere virtual labs (cloud, physical, and virtual), Simon’s new vVNX videos and how vVNX can be used for home labs, and other home lab vSphere storage options, and a VMworld 2015 pre-view (stay tuned to for our next episode where we will spend the whole show talking about VMworld). JOIN US to learn more!   Links discussed in the show are: EMC Virtual VNX (vVNX) Video #1 – Intro. & Pre-Requisites EMC … [Read more...]

[PODCAST] vChat : Episode 37 – VMware VVOLS & Other Chat

vChat Podcast Episode 37

We’re back again with a new episode of the vChat podcast (#37).  We’ve got a new recording time pencilled in for every two weeks, so expect more regular content moving forward.  On with the show!  In vChat #37 Eric, David and myself talk about VMware Virtual Volumes (VVOLs), what they are, how they work, how they compare to alternatives, what’s required, and what we think the adoption rate will be. JOIN US to learn more! Topics discussed in the show include: Comparing Virtual … [Read more...]

[REVIEW] MSI GS60 2QE Ghost Pro – My New Laptop


With my faithful Apple MacPro finally giving up the ghost after 5 years of good service, it was time to go back out to market again for a new personal laptop.  I certainly get my moneys-worth out of the laptops I own, and since I only buy a laptop every 3-5 years I wanted to make sure I chose the right one for me. I like the Apple MacBook range of laptops, though this time I was after something a little different.  A laptop that I could use for both work and pleasure.  I now have … [Read more...]



Chad Sakac (aka Virtual Geek) joins me in this episode of the Data Center Insiders podcast to discuss his industry observations, and the trends we are currently experiencing. Meeting with many global businesses to discuss their IT strategy each week, Chad is armed with plenty of front-line and real-world feedback on how our industry is changings along with the challenges and IT opportunities being faced by many real-world companies out there. As always it's an entertaining, honest and … [Read more...]

[GUIDE] Official Apple TRIM Support for 3rd Party SSDs


Apple have just released an update to OS X that provides long overdue TRIM support to 3rd party SSDs.  For a while now Windows users have enjoyed TRIM support for 3rd party SSDs, though Apple, until now, have only supported TRIM on its own OEM SSD drives installed at time of manufacture. Now this isn’t a big deal for many owners of recent Apple desktop and laptop products since these days the storage is often non-upgradable or hard soldered onto the system board.  However, many owners, such … [Read more...]