DCI#13 – EMC Code Project with Brian Gracely


Community is where it’s at with the EMC Code project.  But what is the EMC Code project? I speak with Brian Gracely, Senior director of the EMC Code Project (emccode.github.io), to find out more on what the EMC Code Project is,  and how it helps EMC become more engaged, and aligned, with open communities. From the EMC Code Project’s github page it’s tagline is, “EMC believes in open source. CODE is here to share and collaborate with developers worldwide”,  and from my conversation with … [Read more...]

Decent iPad Stylus – Pencil from Fifty Three Review

iPad Pencil Stylus Review from FiftyThree

Here’s a little device that I have been wanting to get my hands on for sometime now, the ‘Pencil’ iPad stylus from a company called FiftyThree. I’ve always liked the idea of being able to whiteboard ideas or concepts using the iPad, though have always found that the drawing capability on the iPad (and my own) has been somewhat lacking.  Until now… I am by no-means an artist, in fact I have never really progressed past drawing stick figures, though I am quite a visual type person who finds … [Read more...]

FREE Office 2016 for Mac Preview Available


Microsoft is making available a free downloadable preview of the highly anticipated Office 2016 for Mac.  For many Mac users such as myself this is great news, as the current Office 2011 version is really feeling dated and ready for a refresh. Office 2016 for Mac sees a redesigned interface that is optimised for retina based interfaces, and also introduces new collaboration and Cloud integration functionality with tie-ins to Office 365 and OneDrive. In the top right hand corner of the Office … [Read more...]

Top vBlog 2015 – Voting Started

Vote for TechHead

Hey TechHeads! It’s that time of the year again folks, when the vCommunity have the opportunity to vote and give recognition to their favourite vBlogs and vPodcasts. Voting only takes a minute or two at most, so why not head on over to the voting site here to make your voice heard, and your vote count. Of course, if you feel like TechHead has provided value to you in some way then I’d always greatly appreciate a vote being thrown my way. :) Thanks to Eric over at vSphereLand for … [Read more...]

DCI#12 – EMC VSPEX BLUE with Chad Dunn


In this episode I speak with Chad Dunn, EMC’s Senior Director of VSPEX, about VSPEX BLUE, how hyper-converged architectures fit into the IT industry, what differentiates EMC’s EVO:RAIL based hyper-converged product, and also go into more depth on VSPEX BLUE itself. EMC VSPEX Blue is a scale-out reference architecture based on EMC hardware and the VMware EVO:RAIL product.  VMware EVO:RAIL is a hyper-converged infrastucture product, that combines virtualized compute, storage and networking … [Read more...]

VMware vSphere 6 : What’s New – Multi-CPU Fault Tolerance (FT)


One of things holding many companies back from moving their tier 1 business critical applications across to VMware’s vSphere virtualized platform has been its inability to provide fault tolerance (FT) for virtual machines (VMs) running more than one virtual CPU (vCPU), which is a requirement for many applications, particularly those of the tier 1 variety. Up until vSphere 6, it has only been possible to provide real-time fault tolerance for single vCPU VMs.  What this meant for those VMs with … [Read more...]

VMware vSphere 6 : What’s New – Maximums

VMware vSphere 6 Resource Maximums

  VMware vSphere 6 has finally been announced!  Yes, that’s right folks, after a 3+ year wait since the last major vSphere release, VMware have announced vSphere 6 which will be publically available sometime in Q1 of this year (2015). This is an evolutionary update to the widely adopted vSphere product, with over 650 new features and enhancement,  and as with all previous major upgrades to vSphere there has been increases to the resource and configuration levels (maximums) at the … [Read more...]

VMware Online Launch Event – February 2015

VMware Launch Event - Feb 2015

Just a quick post to make you aware that VMware have an extra-special online launch event happening on Friday 2nd 2015.VMware aren’t giving away any details around what the online launch event will entail, though it wouldn’t be hard to guess what it will likely be about - I’ll let you come to your on conclusions on this one.  That said, I’ll be surprised if VMware doesn’t bring a few other announcements out of their back pocket to spice up the event further.  Definitely one to … [Read more...]

Singapore VMware User Conference (23rd Jan 2015)

Singapore National VMUG 2015

Calling all Singapore TechHeads!  Next week sees the Singapore VMware User Conference hit town, and what a great event it looks to be. I have been kindly asked to speak at the conference, which I am joined by some great speakers such as Scott Lowe, Scott Drummonds and Michael Webster – all of whom I have seen present before, and can definitely recommend. If you haven’t attend a VMware User Group meetings or conference before, then I highly recommend that you come along.  There is always a … [Read more...]