5 Minute Review – VKernel Capacity View

Here’s a new free VMware basic capacity utility from the folks over at VKernel that I thought was worth drawing your attention to.  It’s called ‘Capacity View’ and “identifies capacity based performance issues such as virtual machine I/O latency or under-allocated CPU, memory or storage. Additionally, it monitors your available capacity for new VM deployments and shows you which over-provisioned VMs can be rightsized to free up wasted capacity."

I thought I’d try something a little different by putting together a quick 5 minute review video that provides you will an overview of the product.  The video shows you the install process, configuration and then the final thing.  This should give you a good feel as to what the product is about and whether it’ll have any application in your own VMware vSphere environment.



Let me know whether you find this 5 minute video review format useful and your thoughts on ‘Capacity View’.  🙂


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