MacBook Air (Mid 2013) Battery Drain – Firmware Update


Here’s an important firmware update (SMC 2.0) for all of you MacBook Air (Mid 2013 model) users out there.  Apple have just released an SMC firmware update (2.0) for all mid 2013 MacBook Air models which addresses an issue where your MacBook Air can use an excessive amount of battery when the lid of your Air is closed. I’ll definitely be updating my MacBook Air as I’ve noticed that the battery does occasionally seem to drain a little quicker than I’d expect with the lid closed. There are … [Read more...]

[FIX] Outlook for Mac 2011 Won’t Start


Here’s a fix, or at least one possible method, for when your copy of Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011 won’t start.  I have had this happen a few times now and the following steps have resolved it for me on each occasion - it would seem that the Outlook Database corrupts and needs rebuilding. The symptom is that when starting Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011, the logo splash-screen opens up and then…. nothing.  Even after a reboot of the Mac. So, what you have to do is enable the Microsoft … [Read more...]

Apple Mac Pro 2013 – How It’s Made Video


The Apple Mac Pro 2013 model is the first product from Apple in quite some time that has really caught my eye.  The innovative look and design of this new Mac Pro really is something of beauty, not to mention it’s considerable IT horsepower power under the hood.  It will no doubt end up on this year’s Christmas wish-list of many a designer or geek. I won’t be buying one anytime soon as my trusty old 2008 Apple Mac Pro that I picked up in EBay for £600 (minus the new graphics card and 16GB of … [Read more...]

How to Check Your Apple Service and Support Coverage


 Just purchased a new Apple product, or want to check the service and support coverage remaining on an existing Apple product?  If so, then checking the status of your device's Apple service and support coverage couldn't be simpler.Simply open a web browser and navigate to the Apple "Check Your Service and Support Coverage" web page, which can be found here.  Then enter in the serial number of your Apple device, in my instance I recently wanted to check that my new home iMac's … [Read more...]

First Generation Apple iPod Nano Recall

Those of you sporting a first generation iPod nano should know about a recall Apple is doing on the product.  This is recall is due to a “rare” battery overheating issue found with these aging nano units, which could pose a safety risk.  Apple informs that "This issue has been traced to a single battery supplier that produced batteries with a manufacturing defect." So if your nano was sold between September 2005 and December 2006 I would recommend heading over to Apple’s … [Read more...]

Apple – End of an era…

Hearing the sad news of Steve Job’s passing yesterday, for me, falls into being one of those handful of events where I’ll always remember where I was when I heard the news.  Being half a block from the San Francisco Apple Store at the time seemed to amplify the impact of the news, where many had started to gather outside at hearing the news.  It was obvious that word was spreading quickly, no doubt via Twitter, Facebook and the like. Fifteen minutes later when driving past the San … [Read more...]

New Apple Mac versus PC Videos – Ok, it’s funny but is it getting a little tired now?

Now before I start I have to say that I have been a great fan at the humour used in the Apple Mac videos taking a pop at the PC.  But these latest three videos from Apple in response to the Microsoft Windows 7 launch, although entertaining, have left me feeling that Apple’s anti-PC campaign is feeling a little long in the tooth and a little tired.  I think part of this feeling comes from my using Windows 7 for the past 10 months and finding it to be a stable and responsive operating … [Read more...]

An Apple 13” and 15” Tablet?

This Gizmodo article claims to have been informed from a highly reliable source of the possibility that Apple may be releasing a 13” and 15” version of the rumoured and much anticipated Apple tablet.  Apparently one of the tablets was seen running Mac OS X and not the iPhone OS that has been seen on the 10.5” version (rumours of which are also floating around).  There may be no substance behind any of these ‘sightings’, but it’s exciting to think that Apple may have such a device being … [Read more...]

Steve Jobs Returning to Apple Soon?

In case you haven’t heard or read of this yet – Steve Jobs apparently has had a liver transplant and may be back at work as early as next week (29th June)! Although I definitely don’t fall into the Apple ‘FanBoy’ category it’ll be good to see him and his vision back at the wheel again. Here are some articles around this: ValleyWag – Apple’s Frozen Board Needs a Reboot The Register – Steve Jobs spotted at Apple HQ ValleyWag – Steve Jobs Had a Liver Transplant TimesOnline - Steve Jobs … [Read more...]