EMC Software Downloads – Test Drive Today


This is just a quick blog post to let you know that there is now a single page to visit to download trial versions of EMC product/solution software.  In the past it hasn’t been the easiest to track down a trial copy of EMCsoftware, assuming that it was actually available at all.  Though the good news is that by simply visiting this EMC Software Download link here  you can get your hands on and test-drive the latest versions of the following EMC storage, data protection and … [Read more...]

Healthier IT Working – Wrist Support: Part 1


I’ve been suffering from tendonitis for a few months now, a combination of lifting our new 12kg addition to the family (Baby TechHead), and also the fact that I wasn’t able to be particularly active for many months during my recent treatment. I’ve started to look at ways to be healthier whilst working day to day, and like many of you reading this, it involves using a keyboard and mouse/trackpad for extended periods of time.I’m adjusting the way I work in a few areas, with the most … [Read more...]

EMC VSI Plugin v6.3 for VMware vCenter Now Available!


The latest version (v6.3) of EMC’s Virtual Storage Integrator (VSI) plug-in for VMware vCenter is now available to download for free from EMC's support portal. What is a VSI plug-in? If you're running EMC storage, or are thinking of implementing some EMC storage in the future, then definitely check out my earlier blog post which runs through what the EMC VSI plugin is and the functionality and benefits that it can offer (keeping in mind this was for the pre-web based version of vCenter).  In … [Read more...]

New Look Microsoft TechNet Evaluation Center – Better Subscription Alternative?

New Microsoft Evaluation Centre

Microsoft have recently launched a new TechNet Evaluation Center, which has a much improved crisper looking user interface along with offering some new features. This new-look TechNet Evaluation Center site provides users with the ability to personlize their experience with the portal, and captures/tracks the user's participation in any evaluations, virtual labs, tech journeys, resources and more.  The interface is also designed to be compatible across various mobile platforms and form … [Read more...]

Time to get the show back on the road!


Hi Folks! Those of you that visit the TechHead site from time to time have probably noticed that the number posts have been rather…. well, sporadic (at best). Though it is now time to get the show back on the road, after an “interesting” year where I was diagnosed and treated for Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Definitely a life journey and one that makes you re-assess things and consider what is important, etc.  Tech is still very much one of these important things for me. The good news is that … [Read more...]

Lenovo EMC/Iomega PX NAS Update – New Look UI


An update ( for the Lenovo/Iomega PX range of NAS devices is now available. This update is significant as it dramatically changes the look and feel of the PX devices web management interface, along with providing the following updates: New user-friendly setup sequence walks users through configuring basic device settings and commonly used options for Business or Home profiles. Includes optional guided tour for first-time users. NAS device is automatically secured during device … [Read more...]

EMC Storage Simulators for your lab – Free!


Fancy running your own EMC Isilon, VNX, VNXe or ViPR installation in your own lab environment, to try out, trial and/or educate yourself with?  If so, you’ve come to the right post!  Here I provide the links to virtual instance simulators that are free to download, install, configure and use – plus there are no time restrictions on any of them! There is plenty of learning and fun to be had with trying out and running these EMC storage simulators in your own lab.  I will be … [Read more...]

VMware vSphere 5.5 U1 Hardening Guide Available


The VMware vSphere Hardening Guide is something you should always be familiar with and keep stashed away in your vArmory of useful things.  This MS Excel based document/guide contains valuable information and a checklist of the settings and best practices that you should be applying to your vSphere infrastructure to ensure that it is secure against the risk of common exploits, etc. Mike Foley and the VMware vSphere security team have just released the latest update to the vSphere hardening … [Read more...]

MacBook Air (Mid 2013) Battery Drain – Firmware Update


Here’s an important firmware update (SMC 2.0) for all of you MacBook Air (Mid 2013 model) users out there.  Apple have just released an SMC firmware update (2.0) for all mid 2013 MacBook Air models which addresses an issue where your MacBook Air can use an excessive amount of battery when the lid of your Air is closed. I’ll definitely be updating my MacBook Air as I’ve noticed that the battery does occasionally seem to drain a little quicker than I’d expect with the lid closed. There are … [Read more...]