Blogging New Year’s Un-Resolution…

News Years StartWell, here it is… the start of another year.  Happy New Year to you all !  I hope the Christmas holiday’s and time off work proved to be relaxing for you.  2012 was another exciting year for me, both personally and professionally, though it wasn’t so successful for getting spare time to create decent regular quality content on the blog.  However, the lack of me putting fingers to keyboard to write new posts was made up for by an ever expanding list of blog post ideas, some of which are now out of date and others still topical.

New Year’s un-resolutions & how not to blog (*in my opinion)

How not to blogI’m not a massive fan of New Year’s resolutions as I haven’t had a particularly good track-record of sticking to them, so rather than set myself up for a bout of self-annoyance and disappointment I’ve decided to implement a rough framework of “things I’d like to do or get done”. One of the items in this framework is to produce regular blog posts of quality and value.  But what is “quality and value”?  It’s easy enough to create posts with re-hashed links to other IT blogs or news portals without adding any real commentary or personality, though this approach to blogging in my opinion doesn’t really offer too much real value to readers, and runs the risk of the site becoming nothing more than an information aggregator that you can find on 101 commercial tech news sites.  Of course if this is what you’re aiming for then go for it, though blogging for me, is about bringing a human face, personality and a real-world perspective to the topic on which you decide to write about. 

Writers block or just too fussy?

Casting my mind back to when I first started the TechHead blog, some 4+ years ago, I originally didn’t really give too much thought to what I was writing about.  If I had an idea or had seen something tech-cool that took my fancy I just wrote about it and pressed the “Publish” button without too much consideration to how it would be read or perceived by others.  As the readership numbers on the blog increased came a self-inflicted subconscious pressure to be more thoughtful and particular with the content I produced.  It’s good to raise the bar and strive for ways to improve oneself though what I found was that blog posts now took longer to compose and as a result, combined with increasing work commitments (never to be underestimated), the flow of regular content onto the site became less.

time to start blogging

At this point the age old quandary of quality over quantity kicks in, and the quest for finding the happy middle ground ensues.

So what does this mean?

Well, for this coming year I intend to try and find this sweet-spot (blogging quality versus quantity) hopefully producing more content whilst providing value and sparking discussion amongst readers.  I’m also going to broaden my horizons on what IT and Tech topics I blog about – pretty much anything that takes my fancy at the time, which will of course also include things that I am working on day-to-day (ie: EMC & VMware related technologies)   As for other things I enjoy doing in the blogging and social media space, I will continue to create content around my home lab environment, help maintain the vBeers initiative and site, be part of the vChat podcasts and may finally get around to putting together my own pod/video-cast which is something I’ve been hoping to do for a while now.

Anyway, to finish off this post I want to say a massive thanks to all my readers of the TechHead site, I really appreciate your comments, feedback and suggestions – keep them coming!

Good luck and all the best for 2013! Smile

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