The Google “G” Drive – another step toward total Cloud computing?

Here’s an interesting news article going back a couple of days ago from the Guardian newspaper (online edition) here in the UK.  In yet another step to convergence in the “cloud” Google is alleged to be launching a new service this year called the Google Drive or GDrive.  The Guardian writes that this new service will potentially kill off the desktop PC as we know it (ie: locally saved personal files and no requirement for an OS). I feel that, at least at this early stage, any such … [Read more...]

CloudStatus – Amazon EC2, S3 & Google App Engine Cloud Performance & Health Status

I stumbled upon this really interesting site in my travels that I thought was well worth a mention. It's called CloudStatus and it gives a graphically attractive independent view on how Amazon's WebServices (EC2, S3, etc) and Google's App Engine are performing, in the areas of latency and I/O throughput to name a couple. Monitoring company Hyperic, who created the site describe CloudStatus as: "... the first service to provide an independent view into the health and performance of the most … [Read more...]

Cloud Computing – A Fluffy Lining?

OK, well I had to do it sooner or later but had been holding off as I felt it was being well covered by others in the blogosphere such as, Sam Johnston and Rodney Haywood. Standing on the side lines and watching vendors and hosting providers scramble around putting together their own respective packages (and interpretations) around a Cloud infrastructure has, and continues to be an interesting spectacle. As you are most likely also seeing the interpretation of what constitutes Cloud … [Read more...]