Current HP Proliant MicroServer Model Going End of Life – Minor Model Change

Here’s a quick post just to give all you UK TechHeads out there thinking about buying one of the HP MicroServers at the current very low price (after rebate) a heads up that this particular model is going end of life and stock levels according to Servers Plus are getting very low.

So if you’re thinking about purchasing one of these great little entry level lab servers then now may be the time to take the plunge else risk missing out.  The good news is that the HP MicroServer range isn’t also going end of life with a new part code being given that supersedes the current model being sold off with the rebate deal.HP MicroServer current model going end of life

From the HP MicroServer quick spec and HP web site there is a new part code (Globally: 633724-xx1, UK: 633724-421) for the MicroServer but from the associated specification the only real difference seems to be with the power supply dropping from 200W to 150W and the hard disk being upgraded from 160GB to 250GB.  In light of these extremely minor changes it makes the existing MicroServer on special an even better deal considering that the pricing of the ‘new’ model will no doubt go back to somewhere near the original price.


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