EMC VNX and Celerra Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA) – Free Download Link

EMC VNX VSA DownloadFancy running a virtualized EMC VNX or Celerra instance in your own lab?  Well, good news this is totally possible and for free (*small print: Doesn’t include lab hardware and batteries not included). I’ve run a couple of webinar sessions over the past 18 months on setting up and running the EMC VNX and Celerra virtual storage appliance (VSA), and still regularly have people ask how they get their hands on a copy of these free to use VSAs.  There are a handful of EMC VNX and Celerra VSA download links out on the web though many of these no longer work, so I decided to put this post together with the latest working download links.  Check out the ‘Useful Links’ section at the bottom of this post for a copy of my webinar slide decks (pdf).

Before you start downloading your own copy of the EMC VNX or Celerra VSA you should be aware of the following points:

  • It’s FREE to download and use.
  • Great for learning or up-skilling yourself with EMC VNX and/or Celerra storage including Unisphere web based management interface.
  • It acts and behaves like a real EMC VNX or Celerra in almost all areas.   Once again, great for educational purposes.
  • You can present the EMC VSAs out as working shared storage onto which you can run VMs or storage files.
  • Both the EMC VNX & Celerra VSA come bundled with EMC Unisphere web based management – nice, slick easy to use web GUI interface.
  • It doesn’t come with any official EMC support, though if you head on over to the “Everything VMware at EMC” Community Forums there are some great folks that may be able to help you.
  • It’s only intended for use in a lab environment (ie: non-production), as such don’t expect blistering fast speeds from it though it is good enough to run some VMs and learn how to configure and manage the storage.
  • The EMC VSI plugin for VMware vCenter Server works with it – did I mention that this is also free to download and use?  Head on over to EMC Powerlink to find the latest version of the VSI plugin.
  • EMC VNX VSA = NFS Only.
  • EMC Celerra  = NFS & iSCSI.

Download Links Here

If you are deciding on what VSA (EMC VNX or Celerra) to download and use, I would recommend the VNX VSA as the physical version is the latest Unified Storage offering from EMC – better to invest your time in learning the more recent version in my opinion.

So here they are folks, the download links – have fun and enjoy!







EMC Celerra VSA

EMC Celerra VSA

OVA:  Celerra VSA – UBERv3.2.ova




Easy to remember location for VSA downloads

For easy future reference I have also added links to both these EMC VSA downloads in the ‘Cool Links’ section which can be accessed via the menu bar at the top of the page.

Cool Links - EMC VSA Download

Latest VNX File Simulator Versions

Check out my other post here, which provides details on how to download the latest version of the VNX File Simulator.

Useful Links


  1. nvizor says

    Thanks for detail information. I ‘m using VNX VSA for sometime now and I like it very much. But it is limited to NFS. Any idea when the iSCSI feature will be added to VNX VSA?

    Also wondering this VNX VSA operating system is latest?

    • says


      Sorry to tell you that it won’t be anytime soon. Although it is totally technically possible and we do use a VNX File/Block VSA for our hands on labs at various EMC events it can’t be made available externally due to various licensing reasons.

      Hope you enjoy the rich functionality of the NFS VSA version though.



      • Chris says

        Licensing reasons…. due to the storage processors on the block side of the VNX effectively running Windows Server?

  2. says

    Is it possible to direct link the download on powerlink? as I can’t find the download link (It might be so that I do not have access to it) if so How can I request it (EMC partner here, so maybe I should contact our partner manager)

    • says

      Hi Johan,

      Have you tried accessing the new location for EMC downloads at https://support.emc.com ?

      Your existing PowerLink logon should get you into this portal, and then from here do a search for ‘VSI’.

      If that doesn’t work, I’d definitely recommend talking to your EMC partner manager – though please let me know as I could download the components for you and make them available somewhere else for your download.



    • says

      Hi there,

      Apologies about the dead-links. It appears that the FTP server I was serving the OVA files up from was no longer working correctly.

      I’ve now moved them onto Syncplicity and have updated the links. Any problems please let me know.



  3. Andreas Weigl says


    why not tell people where to find the original files?

    Go to support.emc.com, click on “Downloads”, Find Product -> VNX Series

    You get a page with all the downloads for VNX, search on that page for “Simulator” and get always the newest version. There is also a one and two data mover version of the VNX.


    • says

      Hi Andy,

      Thanks for the comment.

      Good point, I’ll get the post updated to reflect this new download location. I had originally written this post a few months back before the newly updated support.emc.com portal had gone live, hence pointing readers to getting the latest version of the VNX VSA from PowerLink (see bottom of page). It’s nice to finally see the VSA’s out from the depths of PowerLink, which many had difficulty navigating and/or gaining access to, the support.emc.com is looking MUCH nicer and easier to use.

      I’m going to also keep these versions of the VSAs live as they are the Uber versions of the VSA that Nick Weaver had pulled together that had proven very popular for home lab use and include a few additional tweaks which, originally, made the installation process a little easier for first time users of a Celerra/VNX.

      I’ll definitely be downloading the 2013 Q1 update of the VNX VSA to give it a try, and recommend others take a look also.



  4. vineet says

    i am using this in vmware workstation and unable to log in.
    using login nasadmin
    password nasadmin

  5. Amit says

    Great post! I was able to setup the simulator and integrated with vSphere VSI.

    I was looking for VNX simulator for Block device. Can you please share a link if you have it?

    • says

      Hi Amit,

      Unfortunately there isn’t a publicly available VNX simulator for block. This is due to a licensing limitation, which means that only the NFS version can be released to the public for general use.



  6. Kunal Udapi says

    I deployed it on esxi and vmware workstation, but when i tried to open simulator URL, it stucks on blue screen, while loading Java. any suggestion on this, how to fix it?

        • says


          Oracle seem to be constantly updating the security of the Java client, so much so it impacts on the smooth running of apps that use Java such as Unisphere.

          To get around these security issues, simply set the Java client (but only if you feel comfortable doing this) to the minimum security setting and also add an exception for the address/IP of the Control Station on the VNX/Celerrra simulator.

          This should then allow you to connect, though you will still be prompted a couple of times to confirm that you are happy to proceed when logging on, etc.

          Hope this helps,


  7. Heng says

    I the same have the problem. Stucks on the blue screen when I was intend to run the simulator…. Any helps?

    • says

      Hi there,

      I have uploaded a copy of the site, you can download it from a link I’ve added to the EMC section of the “Cool Links” page, which you can find from the main menu at the top of the screen.

      Hope this helps – have fun!



      • samsonite801 says

        No that link wont work for me unless you can provide me a vSpecialist login because the download site just leads to there and I cannot get past authentication screen. Thanks for trying though!

        Is there anywhere else you could post the file?

        Nick’s site seems to work from home (outside of EMC’s network), but his prompts me for an FTP login which I don’t have. I did find a basic Celerra VSA download link inside EMC Intranet (since I work there) but it is not the one with all of Nick’s cool mods.

    • says

      Hi Mohamed,

      After installing the VNX Simulator OVA on your VMware Workstation or ESXi host, then you need to assign a handful of IP addresses to the simulator. One of these IP addresses is for providing IP access (via a web browser) to the Unisphere web based management interface. For details on this, check out the VNX Simulator install guide here: https://community.emc.com/docs/DOC-36963

      Hope this helps.


  8. Mehdi says

    Can any one assist me in sharing the default user name and password for EMC virtual storage appliance.

  9. Eric says

    Hi Simon,
    I have tried the links above for downloading the Celerra VSA – UBERv3.2.ova but they don’t appear to be working.
    Can you point me in the direction of where to download the Celerra simulator from?
    Many thanks in advance,

    • says

      Hi Eric,

      Thanks for letting me know. They were, as you unfortunately found out, we’re old (dead) links.

      I have now updated them so they are now working.

      I’m not sure if you’ve noticed at all, but there is a new EMC vVNX that has been released. As before it is free to download, and use, with the only catch being that there is no “official” support and that is isn’t intended for production use.

      The resource requirements are higher than those found with these earlier versions of the VSA/Simulator, though the vVNX is both block and file, and in all a much nicer experience to get up and running.

      Check out this link here for more details: http://www.emc.com/products-solutions/trial-software-download/vvnx.htm

      Hope this helps,



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