Gestalt IT Tech Field Day: 2010

Stephen Foskett has put the Gestalt IT Tech Field Day wagons back on the road again and has arranged another Tech Field Day for April this year.   I’ve been fortunate enough to have been asked to join a team of fellow tech bloggers to attend. This community event provides an excellent opportunity for independent bloggers to meet with both new and established ‘happening’ IT companies to gain a more in-depth knowledge of their products.

Product deep dive and roadmap presentations by both techies and managers at the company along with live demonstrations provides an excellent platform for the bloggers to further understand the company’s offerings.  This combined with the ability to ask any level of technical or business related type questions, however awkward, helps in giving the bloggers a real feel for the product’s good points and any shortcomings. 

From these sessions with the companies the bloggers end up with plenty of in-depth material (minus any marketing spin)  to generate a post if they so wish.  The nice thing I found from the last Tech Field Day is that there is no pressure what so ever to write about or cover a company that is visited.  But since almost all of the companies visited are doing some pretty cool and innovative things in the tech space it is hard not to be compelled to write and tell others of what’s been seen and learnt.

The following Tech bloggers have been confirmed as attending so far, with others to be announced soon:

These Tech bloggers represent a good mixture of backgrounds and coverage in virtualization, storage, networking, Microsoft and Enterprise level IT.  The video below featuring VMware’s John Troyer and PR/Social Media Consultant, Sunshine Mugrabi gives a really good overview of what the Gestalt IT Field Day is all about.



I have heard rumours as to some of the tech companies who will be visited during the upcoming Tech Field Day and from this I can definitely say “watch this space” in mid-April for some exciting posts!


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