HP Proliant Firmware Update Potential NIC Issue


UPDATE 4th May 2014:  HP have released an updated version of the Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP) Version 2014.02.0(B) (2nd May) that resolves the issue originally covered in this post.  You can find the update here which also includes an unrelated fix to address the recent OpenSSL HeartBleed security vulnerability.  Thanks to Rotem Agmon for providing the heads-up on this new HP update, also check out Rotem’s blog which can be found here. I like to ensure my home lab servers … [Read more...]

HP Proliant MicroServer G8 – A Decent Home Lab Server?

HP MicroServer G8 vSphere Lab Server

There is a new HP Proliant MicroServer on the scene, and this time it is Intel based with more CPU clout and a few minor changes, some good and some not so much.  HP have aimed this new G8 MicroServer model at the small businesses (with 10 or less employees) market, but as with the previous models (AMD N36L/N40L/N54L), it leans itself nicely to being a decent home lab server, NAS or home media station. The AMD based MicroServer models have proven to be popular little entry level home lab … [Read more...]

Cash-back deal on MicroServer to end

HP MicroServer

Just a quick email to let you know that I've been made aware that the UK based HP Microserver £100 cash-back deal, that has been running for quite a while now, will finish at the end of December 2012. So if you've been contemplating buying one of these Microservers and want to take advantage of this deal you may want to do it sooner rather than later, ie: before the end of the week. I'm currently running a pair of Microservers in my home lab (along with a few other boxes), each with 16GB, … [Read more...]

HP Proliant MicroServer–Running 16GB Memory with vSphere

HP MicroServer

I run a mixture of white-box and entry level HP Proliant servers in my VMware vSphere home lab environment.  I have been running a number of HP Proliant Microservers in the past 18 months as they have offered exception value for money at £100 (approx. after cash back), as at this price-point you’d be hard pushed to even build a PC/server white-box.  For more information on the HP MicroServer check out my hands on review here.  A number of people have emailed me asking whether it is possible to … [Read more...]

Deploying VMware ESXi on your HP MicroServer automatically with Razor

ESXi install stuck at menu.c32

Razor is a cool new deployment tool for your entire server infrastructure. It's has been and is still being developed as a joint venture between EMC and Puppetlabs (who also make the amazing open source application automation tool Puppet), with the constant influx of code from other open source aficionados as well. For those interested in what, why and how Razor can be used I'd gladly point your here: what, why and how. During the last two months I've been spending a lot of time on lab … [Read more...]

Competition – Win an HP MicroServer Cooler Bag & EMC Goody Pack


Now for something a little bit different… Many of you home lab enthusiasts such as myself will be familiar with the HP MicroServer, far from being a small powerhouse of a box it does offer great value and is ideal for small virtualization lab environments.  I’m currently running two of the earlier N36L based MicroServer models and using a Linksys Smart-Switch and an EMC VNX Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA) running on the internal storage to create an effective vSphere lab set-up. I’ve just … [Read more...]

Can you run a x64 OS VM under VMware vSphere on an HP Microserver?

I was recently asked by a TechHead reader whether the HP Microserver’s AMD Athlon II Neo based CPU, the N36L (on older models) or the N40L (on newer models), has AMD-V capabilities and can support x64 operating systems, for example Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2.  This definitely warranted a quick post just to help clarify things, as this may be a question that crossed the minds of a few of you.  Well, the good news is that both the AMD Athlon II Neo N36L & N40L processors have … [Read more...]

Pimp My HP Proliant Microserver Competition

The folks over at Servers Plus are running a rather good competition which allows for people to use their imagination and come up with a creative funky design for the case of a new HP Proliant Microserver.  Once all the submissions have been entered (by Friday 11th November) public voting will then take place with the creator of the winning design having their very own design created and applied to a brand new HP Microserver, which they win.    These highly affordable … [Read more...]

Will the HP Proliant ML110 G5 & ML115 G5 work with VMware vSphere 5?

I’ve had quite a few questions from readers over the past few weeks asking whether VMware vSphere 5 will run on the HP Proliant ML110 G5 or ML115 G5 servers? Both these models of server are highly popular amongst those running their own VMware vSphere or general home/work IT lab.  They are small, quiet and have been relatively well priced, especially when HP had them on special at UK £90 each!  But that is a few years ago now, and since then the AMD based ML115 series of Proliant has … [Read more...]