Video: HP Proliant MicroServer Power Consumption

A question I have seen asked a quite frequently is “how much power does an HP Proliant MicroServer actually consume”.  You’d kind of expect with the quoted 72.3W maximum of power consumption that it should make quite a cost effective small lab server to run.   To help answer the question I’ve put together this basic video which demonstrates the power consumed by the MicroServer during standby and also during a VMware vSphere ESXi boot process.   This low power consumption is … [Read more...]

Current HP Proliant MicroServer Model Going End of Life – Minor Model Change

Here’s a quick post just to give all you UK TechHeads out there thinking about buying one of the HP MicroServers at the current very low price (after rebate) a heads up that this particular model is going end of life and stock levels according to Servers Plus are getting very low. So if you’re thinking about purchasing one of these great little entry level lab servers then now may be the time to take the plunge else risk missing out.  The good news is that the HP MicroServer range isn’t … [Read more...]

Hyperthreading in VMware ESX or ESXi with an HP Proliant ML110 G6

Those of you who are running VMware vSphere ESX/ESXi on an Intel Xeon X3430 CPU based HP Proliant ML110 G6 may have attempted to try and enable the Hyperthreading within ESX or ESXi after seeing that it was currently ‘Disabled’ within the ‘Configuration’ tab of the vCenter client and that all supposedly needs doing is it enabling in the BIOS of the server. Without wishing to be the bearer of bad news unfortunately your Intel Xeon X3430 CPU in your particular model of ML110 G6 doesn’t actually … [Read more...]

HP Proliant MicroServer – sub £100 !

UPDATE:  *** OFFER HAS BEEN EXTENDED UNTIL THE END OF JANUARY 2011 ! ***   *** ANOTHER UPDATE: 14th January 2011 ***  ServersPlus inform that the last remaining HP MicroServer stock at the reduced price has now gone!  You maybe able to find stock with the £100 cash back deal elsewhere though it is highly unlikely from what I have seen.  It’d be nice to see HP extend a similar deal to the newer HP MicroServer model (the only difference being a 150W vs a 200W power … [Read more...]

Running VMware vSphere on an HP MicroServer

I’ve been running VMware ESXi 4.1 on an HP MicroServer for a few weeks now and the following post is to summarise my findings and to answer a question many people have been asking -  Does the HP MicroServer make for a decent VMware vSphere lab server and is it a true replacement to the HP ML115 G5?   If you want to read my conclusion on running vSphere on the MicroServer then skip to the end of the post, though if you want more detail around what is presented through to ESX/ESXi … [Read more...]

VIDEO – HP Proliant MicroServer Hands On Review

After getting my hands on one of HP’s new AMD based Proliant MicroServers I decided to give it a good once over to gain a better understanding of it’s components, build quality and how it pieced together.  As a result I have created a couple of videos, the first is a ‘hands on review’ and the second shorter clip takes a look at the size of the HP Proliant MicroServer and how it compares to other small factors machines such as as the XPC Shuttle, and the larger Proliant ML115 G5. I hope … [Read more...]

New HP Proliant MicroServer – a decent vSphere lab server candidate?

As I mentioned in a blog post a while ago the popular HP Proliant ML115 range of servers was going end of life, with no G6 model to ever see the light of day.  This is a real shame as the HP Proliant ML115 G5 offered exceptional value for money indeed, with a quad core AMD Opteron processor and the ability to run a decent work or lab vSphere environment from it. There were rumours that there would be successor to the ML115 G5 but it was to take a different guise with a lower specification … [Read more...]

HP Proliant ML115 – End of the Road?

Well folks, it looks like it’s the end of the road for the HP Proliant ML115 model of server.  Available stock levels from HP are dwindling and the early rumours indicate that the HP Proliant ML115 model will not be superseded leaving only the ML110 model.  I should point out that this hasn’t been officially confirmed by HP yet though I have from a very reliable source that unfortunately this is the case. Apparently the reason for the ML115 line being dropped is that it globally … [Read more...]

Cooking with Mo – HP StorageWorks MSA 2000 & P2000

Whilst attending a recent HP storage tech day I had the opportunity to meet with Mo Azam, HP StorageWork’s Worldwide Product Manager for the MSA 2000 & P2000 range of storage products.  Those of you who are currently or considering running an HP MSA 2000 or P2000 then I highly recommend you check out Mo’s MSA 2000 Technical Cookbook which is an useful source of high level and technical information covering MSA2000/P2000 related topics such as supported configurations and Unified LUN … [Read more...]