How to Check Your Apple Service and Support Coverage


Just purchased a new Apple product, or want to check the service and support coverage remaining on an existing Apple product?  If so, then checking the status of your device’s Apple service and support coverage couldn’t be simpler.

Simply open a web browser and navigate to the Apple “Check Your Service and Support Coverage” web page, which can be found here.  Then enter in the serial number of your Apple device, in my instance I recently wanted to check that my new home iMac’s service and support coverage had been started (note: upon starting up and completing the OSX install process of the iMac automatically kicked off the service and support converge from that particular date).

Finding the serial number of your average Apple product is pretty straight forward, for example; an iMac just requires the following basic steps.

From the top left Apple icon on the screen, select “About This Mac”

Next up, after being presented with the “About This Mac” window, click on “More Info…”

From the default “More Info” screen you will see the Serial Number presented – take note of this.

Now to check the status of the Apple service and support cover on the iMac (as shown in this example), open a web browser and navigate to the Apple “Check Your Service and Support Coverage” web page (URL:

Within the “Enter your hardware serial number”  text box enter in your device’s serial number, and then click the “Continue” button.

You should now see a screen similar to the one above providing details on your Apple device’s “Telephone Technical Support” and “Repairs and Service Coverage” status.  Depending on how recently you purchased the product you may also have the ability to purchase the extended AppleCare Protection Pan.  I generally don’t bother, and have been lucky with the reliability of my Apple devices so far though I may consider it for any future expensive Apple purchases. This is common if you are playing any casino games on your iPhone or iPad losing support coverage is common.

This is pretty straight forward stuff I think you’ll agree, though I thought I’d put this post together, if nothing else, to save me trying to find the Apple URL every time I want to check the status of one of my Apple products. 🙂

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  1. I noticed that my phone went missing then when it showed back up I turned it on and the screen is completely black except from at the top of the screen where it says “” then almost in the middle of the screen it the iTunes pic with iTunes written underneath it then a little bit under that it has a little arrow pointing up towards where it has the iTunes logo and has “iTunes” written under the logo then under the little arrow pointing up towards iTunes, it has a photo of what’s meant to be the charger!
    Iv tried phoning apple but I didn’t get through to them. Then when they called me back I missed their calls.
    I am in desperate need to get my phone back up and running as it’s the main number my 12year old daughters school etc have for me, so I would like to get this problem fixed ASAP!…
    I would be very much appreciated!


    S Lawrie

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