How to start a cPanel scheduled backup job manually

Those of you that host your own Linux based web server may be using the very useful cPanel backup script to make a regular scheduled backup of your web site’s content and database content.  Although you can configure the details of the site backups and schedule from the graphical user interface it doesn’t provide you with the ability to kick the scheduled backup job off manually using the settings found in /etc/cpbackup.conf file.  This backup configuration is set via the WebHost Manager at Main >> Backup >> Configure Backup menu. To start the backup job off manually you need to log onto the server via SSH and then run the following command.


# /scripts/cpbackup –force


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  1. Just to keep this post updated.

    When I ran the command suggested in the post I got the following error:

    root@server1 /scripts]# /scripts/cpbackup
    [cpbackup] Backup Not Enabled (This can be adjusted in WHM => Backup => Legacy Backup Configuration)

    I worked out If you’re using the new “backups” built into 11.40+ you need to run


    This will kick off the normal overnight backup.

  2. Thanks, this setup me on the right path.

    I had to run “/usr/local/cpanel/bin/backup –force” to kick off the scheduled backup.

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