HP StorageWorks TechDay – Final Thoughts and Interview with Calvin Zito (HP Storage Guy)

I was recently fortunate enough to attend the HP StorageWorks TechDay in Colorado Springs.  This was a unique event where a handful bloggers and HP accredited techs were invited to hear from many of HP’s foremost storage and server authorities on their range of StorageWorks and Blade System products.

It is the first such event I have personally seen where a company goes out to connect to users and voices of new media (bloggers, Twitter, etc).  Full credit needs to be given to HP (and IVY) for being prepared to hold such an event as it had the potential of back-firing if it came across as purely a marketing or brainwashing type exercise to generate extra ‘buzz’ around the companies products. 

I am happy to report that the HP StorageWorks TechDay was no such event.  From start to finish it was well organised and executed with the right HP team heads and techs being on hand to present their particular HP product area and answer questions in an open style forum.  Questions were welcomed and what I felt to be open and honest answers were given.  This was a non-NDA event so there were some areas involving future releases and technology roadmaps that HP couldn’t talk about though I found that this didn’t detract from the information given.  In fact it meant that information could flow between HP and the attendees more freely than might have otherwise been possible.

I always thought I had a good appreciation of the HP StorageWorks product line though there were products such as HP’s de-duplication (D2D and VLS) and HP StorageWorks SAN Virtualization Services Platform (SVSP), that I’d never even heard of before – see my previous post here for more details.

Whilst at the event I had the opportunity to interview a handful of HP’s StorageWorks experts, the first being Calvin Zito who is the HP StorageWorks Marketing Manager.  As you’d expect Calvin is very knowledgeable on things storage and runs the popular HP blog, ‘Around the Storage Block’ and is an active Twitter user (@HPStorageGuy) –  definitely worthwhile following.

Checkout my interview with him about the HP TechDay below:


Since returning to the UK my feet have barely had time to hit the ground and only now have I had sufficient time to fully reflect on the #HPTechDay and the information that was conveyed on HP’s storage vision and their comprehensive range of storage related products.  There have been some great posts covering the event by my fellow attendees.  I highly recommend taking the time to read them if you are involved with storage or IT infrastructure in general as they make for an interesting read.

Stephen Foskett, Pack Rat – Steve Foskett :

StorageNerve – Devang Panchigar:

VM/ETC – Rich Brambley:

Blogs.RupturedMonkey.com – Nigel Poulton:

Connect Community – Nina Buik:

Absolutely Windows – John Obeto:

Storage Mojo – Robin Harris

Ray on Storage Blog – Ray Lucchesi:

And to finish things off here’s a group photo of those who attended this HP TechDay – why not go and check out their blogs (below):

HP StorageWorks TechDay

Back – Left to Right:

Frank Owen: Tech Virtuoso
Greg Knieriemen: Storage Monkeys
Nigel Poulton: Ruptured Monkey
John Spiers: HP – LeftHand
Ray Lucchesi: RayOnStorageBlog
John Obeto: Absolute Windows
Rich Brambley: VM/ETC

Front – Left to Right:

Me (Simon Seagrave): TechHead
Devang Panchigar: StorageNerve
Stephen Foskett: Stephen Foskett’s Blog
Nina Buik: 4th Source
Calvin Zito: Around the Storage Block Blog


Robin Harris:  StorageMojo


A big thanks to Becca, Eric, Halley, Tom and the rest of the team for arranging such a worthwhile and useful event.  :)



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