Link – How to Enable FT in a Nested VM (running on ML115 G5’s!)

My esteemed colleague Mr has published a rather good informative posting on how to enable the VMware vSphere Fault Tolerance (FT)  feature on a nested instance of vSphere ESX 4.0.  As mentioned in the title of this posting he does this in a lab using ML115 G5 Quad Core’s – what’s there not to like. :)  The AMD Quad Core Opteron 1352 Quad Core CPU found in the ML115 G5 is compatible with the FT feature making it a great little server for a home or work lab.   Check out my article here that outlines which of the Proliant ML110/ML115’s have the required CPU for FT.

Head on over to read’s ‘vSphere – How to Enable FT for a Nested VM’ article here.


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