Mastering VMware vSphere Book Updated for vSphere 5.5

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New-Mastering-VMware-vSphere-Book.jpgVMware vSphere author, blogger and all-round aficionado, Scott Lowe, is releasing an update to his highly popular “Mastering VMware vSphere” book.  This time he is joined by fellow blogger Nick Marshall in updating “Mastering VMware vSphere” to reflect all the latest vSphere 5.5 changes and updates.

I definitely can recommend “Master VMware vSphere” as an easy to read and highly informative way to learn about vSphere, and even if you’re a seasoned vSphere professional, it is a useful reference book for those times when you need to sanity-check your thinking on something vSphere related.

I’ll be picking up my copy when it is released, though the biggest decision is whether to go for the paperback or electronic Kindle version?

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About Simon Seagrave

Simon is a UK based Virtualization & IT Technology Evangelist working as a Senior Technology Consultant and vSpecialist for EMC. He loves working in the ever changing IT industry & spends most of his time working with Virtualisation, Cloud & other Enterprise IT based technologies, in particular VMware, EMC and HP products.

  • tom miller

    just searched the tco and do not see anything to reflect sso?

  • nickmarshall9

    Hi Tom,
    There certainly is SSO content, along with VSAN, vFlash and everything else that’s changed between 5.0 and 5.5. I’ll see if I can get the publisher to update the TOC to show the SSO inclusion before we go to print.

    Appreciate your feedback.

    Nick Marshall