Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Memory Limits


The following is a useful summary table that outlines the physical memory limits found with Microsoft Windows Server 2012 (W2K12).  Just as a reminder Windows Server 2012 is only available as an X64 distribution. Although I’m not a big fan of the new user interface I will be starting to move my virtualization lab based servers over to W2K12 sometime soon. Windows Server 2012 Version Physical Memory … [Read more...]

End of the Road for the Microsoft TechNet Subscription


Microsoft have announced that subscriptions to their long running MS TechNet subscription will end on the 31st August this year (2013).  This is going to be significant blow to many SysAdmins and IT Professionals, such as myself, who use the Microsoft TechNet subscription service for ease of download, evaluation/trial, learning and running of the various Microsoft OS and back-office products daily in their home lab and proof of concept environments. When Does The MS TechNet Subscription … [Read more...]

Free Microsoft eBooks

Free Microsoft eBooks

With many things going digital these days, including IT manuals, comes the convenience of portability.  I must admit that I am a little bit old-school and do like a good 600+ page paper based IT manual, you just can’t beat the smell of a new book with it’s crisp pages.  That said, I am increasingly purchasing my IT reading in electronic format as being able to easily carry around multiple IT books and manuals, ready to be referenced within seconds, on my iPad outweighs my sentimentality for the … [Read more...]

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Licensing –What’s New?

Microsoft has recently announced how the licensing will work around their latest server operating system (OS) offering, Microsoft Windows Server 2012. Along with some licensing model changes they have also indicated that the number of Windows Server editions being offered is to decrease, with there now only being two mainstream editions: Datacenter: Intended for highly virtualized private cloud environments. Standard: For non-virtualized or smaller virtualized environments. The Enterprise … [Read more...]

Microsoft TechNet Subscription – 2012 Discount Code

Good news folks!  2012 has seen the release of a new Microsoft TechNet Subscription Discount code.  This new code for 2012 will give you 15% (small print: this is based on the US currency so may vary slightly between countries) and is due to expire on the 29th February 2012.  Code: TNFLA12 To give you an idea of the type of savings you can find on a Microsoft TechNet subscription, here are the savings on a new TechNet Professional subscription in the US, UK and Europe (checked against France … [Read more...]

Microsoft Windows 8 – New Blue Screen of Death

The Microsoft Windows Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) has had a face lift with the introduction of Windows 8.  Many of us have learned to dread the traditional, and rather un-user friendly BSOD from the Windows operating system (OS) over the years, though it would appear that Microsoft have decided to take a softer, more Apple-like, approach with Windows 8 which is definitely more in keeping with the new Windows 8 look and feel .  In fairness to Microsoft it is very unusual these days to … [Read more...]

Misleading ‘Pipe’ Symbol Location on Microsoft Keyboard

During my first proper outing into the world of VMware PowerCLI I had to start using the pipe (ie: | ) symbol in some of my command expressions within the command window.  Now, the pipe symbol on my Microsoft keyboard appeared straight forward enough (see image below) on the keyboard’s layout though upon pressing it in the PowerCLI window I received a broken looking pipe symbol instead (ie: ¦ ) which of course PowerCLI doesn’t like when I tried to execute the command.  Strangely enough … [Read more...]

Recover MS Outlook Email Attachments – Free Utility

Here is a really useful, and free, utility that displays the temporary MS Outlook email attachments stored in your PC’s local OLK cache.  I found myself needing this utility after working late last night and making the school boy error of working on a MS Word document directly from an email attachment and then closing it without saving it to a directory on my hard disk.  When I had realised what I had done and went to open the Word document from within the attachment it unsurprisingly … [Read more...]

Microsoft Hyper-V Architecture Poster available for download

Microsoft have released this rather nifty Hyper-V architecture poster, which is available for download here.  I’ve always liked Microsoft’s large architecture posters on products such as Windows Server & MS Exchange which are usually found at the TechEd events and occasionally inserted into the MS TechNet magazine, at least whilst it was still being published here in the UK.  They always provide a useful reference affixed to the wall of my office/lab. This electronic version of … [Read more...]