Microsoft Windows 10 Launches on 29th July 2015


Microsoft have announced that their successor to their desktop operating system (OS), Windows 8.1, will be available on the 29th July this year (2015). This highly anticipated major update of Microsoft’s popular Windows desktop OS has built and improved on many of the lessons learnt from the mixed success of the Windows 8 release.  Windows 8 always seemed better suited to a tablet use-case, rather than that of a desktop OS, though that said, with the increase in touch sensitive screens on … [Read more...]

FREE Office 2016 for Mac Preview Available


Microsoft is making available a free downloadable preview of the highly anticipated Office 2016 for Mac.  For many Mac users such as myself this is great news, as the current Office 2011 version is really feeling dated and ready for a refresh. Office 2016 for Mac sees a redesigned interface that is optimised for retina based interfaces, and also introduces new collaboration and Cloud integration functionality with tie-ins to Office 365 and OneDrive. In the top right hand corner of the Office … [Read more...]

New Look Microsoft TechNet Evaluation Center – Better Subscription Alternative?

New Microsoft Evaluation Centre

Microsoft have recently launched a new TechNet Evaluation Center, which has a much improved crisper looking user interface along with offering some new features. This new-look TechNet Evaluation Center site provides users with the ability to personlize their experience with the portal, and captures/tracks the user's participation in any evaluations, virtual labs, tech journeys, resources and more.  The interface is also designed to be compatible across various mobile platforms and form … [Read more...]

Microsoft TechNet– Download & License Keys Reminder


As many of you know, Microsoft have decided to retire their TechNet software download and licensing subscription service, with the last day being the 31st August 2014.  This is a real blow to the many IT Professionals out there who use TechNet to keep their Microsoft product skills honed, and who also use it to further teach themselves about Microsoft products in their own non-production lab environment.  Microsoft are instead suggesting that IT Pros now use “free evaluation … [Read more...]

Free eBooks from Microsoft Press


Microsoft have available a handful of free-to-download ebooks which provide an introduction and information on some of their enterprise and development products, such as Windows Server, Azure, .NET, etc.  Some of these ebooks don’t contain the same level of technical detail that you’d usually find in your average IT manual (although some of these ebooks, such as the development related topics do) they do provide a enough detail for someone wanting an understanding of the features and … [Read more...]

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Memory Limits


The following is a useful summary table that outlines the physical memory limits found with Microsoft Windows Server 2012 (W2K12).  Just as a reminder Windows Server 2012 is only available as an X64 distribution. Although I’m not a big fan of the new user interface I will be starting to move my virtualization lab based servers over to W2K12 sometime soon. Windows Server 2012 Version Physical Memory … [Read more...]

End of the Road for the Microsoft TechNet Subscription


Microsoft have announced that subscriptions to their long running MS TechNet subscription will end on the 31st August this year (2013).  This is going to be significant blow to many SysAdmins and IT Professionals, such as myself, who use the Microsoft TechNet subscription service for ease of download, evaluation/trial, learning and running of the various Microsoft OS and back-office products daily in their home lab and proof of concept environments. When Does The MS TechNet Subscription … [Read more...]

Free Microsoft eBooks

Free Microsoft eBooks

With many things going digital these days, including IT manuals, comes the convenience of portability.  I must admit that I am a little bit old-school and do like a good 600+ page paper based IT manual, you just can’t beat the smell of a new book with it’s crisp pages.  That said, I am increasingly purchasing my IT reading in electronic format as being able to easily carry around multiple IT books and manuals, ready to be referenced within seconds, on my iPad outweighs my sentimentality for the … [Read more...]

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Licensing –What’s New?

Microsoft has recently announced how the licensing will work around their latest server operating system (OS) offering, Microsoft Windows Server 2012. Along with some licensing model changes they have also indicated that the number of Windows Server editions being offered is to decrease, with there now only being two mainstream editions: Datacenter: Intended for highly virtualized private cloud environments. Standard: For non-virtualized or smaller virtualized environments. The Enterprise … [Read more...]