Misleading ‘Pipe’ Symbol Location on Microsoft Keyboard

During my first proper outing into the world of VMware PowerCLI I had to start using the pipe (ie: | ) symbol in some of my command expressions within the command window.  Now, the pipe symbol on my Microsoft keyboard appeared straight forward enough (see image below) on the keyboard’s layout though upon pressing it in the PowerCLI window I received a broken looking pipe symbol instead (ie: ¦ ) which of course PowerCLI doesn’t like when I tried to execute the command.  Strangely enough when I pressed shift and the broken pipe looking symbol to the left of the ‘z’ key this, unsurprisingly, produced a broken pipe symbol… though upon executing the command in the PowerCLI window it worked.

Lesson Learnt: Use ‘shift’ and the broken pipe symbol (see below) on my Microsoft keyboard to achieve the pipe symbol, even if it doesn’t look like a pipe symbol in the PowerCLI command window or on the physical keyboard.  Note: I did check that I had the correct keyboard mappings in place within my Windows 7 OS.

Microsoft Keyboard Pipe Symbol


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