New Disks for my OpenFiler

I’ve been putting off the inevitable purchase of new hard disks for my Shuttle XPC based OpenFiler for sometime now.  It currently sports 2 x 250GB SATA hard disks in a RAID 0 configuration (for maximum disk capacity) though this is obviously far from ideal in the event that one of the disks fails.  As is normally the case the OpenFiler instance started off just being a general dumping space for non-important test VMs though is now left on 24×7 running my entire home lab Windows Active Directory environment that’d take an age to recreate in case one of the disks decided to fail.  Also, the amount of available disk space 1TBDisksis getting extremely low.

So after months of deliberation and just being rather tight fisted (though who can blame me in the current economical climate) I took the plunge and have bought a pair of Samsung SpinPoint F1 1TB, 7200rpm, 32MB cache hard disks.  I now feel decidedly much poorer though am taking heart that this should last me for the next year or so (at least that is what I’m telling myself).

Before I swap out the disks from my Shuttle XPC PC, which is running my OpenFiler instance, I must transfer the 400GB+ of VMs and ISO images from its disks.  For this I am using FastSCP from our friends over at Veeam.  For those of you not familiar with this fantastic utility (which also happens to be free and works with ESXi !) it is well worth checking out especially if you ever have to transfer large files to and from VMFS based data stores.  Check it out here for more details.captured_Image.png

I am getting 4-5MB/s per second average transfer rate which isn’t as captured_Image.png[5]quick as I’d hoped for but in fairness this I am running FastSCP in an XP VM within VMware Workstation.  I would run it directly from my Windows 7 based PC though unfortunately I get the following error message when trying to add an ESX host within the FastSCP interface.  I’ve had a quick look into resolving it though couldn’t find anything obvious.  Any ideas?

Once I’ve transferred all the data off of the OpenFiler I will then swap the disks out with my new 1TB drives and will configure a new OpenFiler installation using software based RAID.  The only downside with using my aging Shuttle XPC is that the onboard disk controller is only SATA 150 which is rather a shame considering my new 1TB hard disks are technically capable of the faster SATA 300 speeds.  That said the difference may not be as much as you’d think check out this interesting article that discuss SATA 150 versus SATA 300 speeds.

Now I’ve just got to let the data copy to its temporary location overnight…



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    Hey… looks like FastSCP will replace WinSCP for transfer files to and from my ESX servers… 😀
    Thank you for the tip and good luke moving your files.


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