VMworld San Francisco 2013 – vBeers Coolness


Well here we are, another VMworld is almost upon us. With VMworld San Francisco, comes another opportunity to hold a vBeers Community meet up, where myself and fellow vGeeks get a chance to catch up and talk with our peers and friends,new and old. This year vBeers VMworld is back at The Chieftain Irish Bar on 5th Street (about a 5 minute walk from the Moscone) which has proven to be a great place to hold it over the past few years. For more details on when, where and how check out the … [Read more...]

Attending VMworld? Useful Tips & Hints


Attending VMworld this year?  If so, here are a few handy tips and hints that may make your trip to VMworld a little easier.  Of course this is far from a complete list so please feel free to leave a comment to the bottom of this post with any of your own tips that you think may be useful to others. I’ll then add them to the master list. 1. Beat the Queue: When leaving the plane, don’t dawdle.  Walk quickly past as many of your fellow passengers as is possible between the plane and the … [Read more...]

VMware vCenter Log Insight- Puppet Enterprise Content Pack Available


The Puppet Enterprise Content Pack is now available for VMware vCenter Log Insight. If you’re not familiar with VMware vCenter Log Insight then I highly recommend you take a look and download the free trial as it is highly useful piece of software that performs log aggregation and analysis across various devices and components in your infrastructure, for example; storage.  Any of you that are, or have been, an IT administrator or IT manager will know the frustrations in trying to be track … [Read more...]

vSphere 5.x – How to Enable SSH & ESXi Shell


Here’s a quick post on how to enable SSH and the ESXi shell on VMware vSphere 5.1 and 5.x in easy steps, using two different methods.  The first method is via the ESXi/vSphere Hypervisor console window and the second is using the vSphere Client interface. I find when using my home lab that I often want to connect to my ESXi host using an SSH connection so figured this post may be of use to others who are either first starting out with VMware vSphere or perhaps also run their own lab and … [Read more...]

EMC VNX Simulator (VSA)–How to download the latest version


How to download the latest version of the EMC VNX Simulator (VSA): Here’s a quick guide that shows you how to get hold of and download the latest EMC VNX Simulator (VSA).  For those of you who are not familiar with it, the physical EMC VNX is a unified storage appliance with both file and block storage capabilities, can contain Flash and SAS based storage, and provides connectivity either via Fiber and/or Ethernet (NAS).  It also harnesses some pretty useful and powerful technologies … [Read more...]

HP Proliant MicroServer G8 – A Decent Home Lab Server?

HP MicroServer G8 vSphere Lab Server

There is a new HP Proliant MicroServer on the scene, and this time it is Intel based with more CPU clout and a few minor changes, some good and some not so much.  HP have aimed this new G8 MicroServer model at the small businesses (with 10 or less employees) market, but as with the previous models (AMD N36L/N40L/N54L), it leans itself nicely to being a decent home lab server, NAS or home media station. The AMD based MicroServer models have proven to be popular little entry level home lab … [Read more...]

New Book: VMware Private Cloud Computing with vCloud Director


My friend, and ex-colleague, Simon Gallagher has just released a book on “VMware Private Cloud Computing with vCloud Director”.  As the name suggests the content will no doubt appeal to those of you who have, or are thinking, about implementing VMware VCloud Director. I know from working with him for a few years that Simon is a hands-on sort of guy, who can effectively communicate concepts and ideas, both simple and complex so I’m sure this will be reflected throughout the chapters of … [Read more...]

vBeers Tweetup – VMworld San Francisco 2013 (Saturday 24th August 2013)


VMworld San Francisco 2013 is almost here again folks and it’s time for another vBeers Tweetup!  The last vBeers Tweetup from VMworld SF 2012 was a great time so I couldn’t let this opportunity go by without arranging another one.  The official vBeers tweetup goes from strength to strength and increases in popularity every year that passes, though still has the same great earthy community feel that it did during it’s first one back in 2009. The VMworld San Francisco vBeers Tweetup will be … [Read more...]

DCI #8 EMC Backup & Recovery with Alex Almeida


Alex Almeida is the Senior Technical Manager from EMC’s Backup & Recovery Systems Division, and a backup guy from way-back.  With the recent big announcements from EMC around most of its backup and recovery products I thought this would be an excellent time to get Alex on the podcast to talk through some of the new features and enhancements from the announcement. We also cover the topics of how EMC has stayed ahead of the curve regarding backup and recover over the years, along with the … [Read more...]