Microsoft TechNet Subscription – 2012 Discount Code

Good news folks!  2012 has seen the release of a new Microsoft TechNet Subscription Discount code.  This new code for 2012 will give you 15% (small print: this is based on the US currency so may vary slightly between countries) and is due to expire on the 29th February 2012.  Code: TNFLA12 To give you an idea of the type of savings you can find on a Microsoft TechNet subscription, here are the savings on a new TechNet Professional subscription in the US, UK and Europe (checked against France … [Read more...]

The VMware VMTN Movement…

There is a movement in the air…  No, not that sort of air movement, but rather the variety where the hearts and minds of an increasing number of people move towards a common goal or objective.  “What is this movement about?” I hear you ask. Well, it’s all about re-instating the VMware Technology Network (VMTN) subscription, which was cancelled by VMware back in February 2007.  Although a few people have been vocal about VMware bringing back the VMTN subscription in the past, … [Read more...]

Microsoft TechNet Plus (UK) Subscription 30% Discount

** UPDATE 5th June 2009 – It has been a while since this discount code was released so there is no guarantee that it still works.  If any one can confirm this I will update the site also if you know of any other codes let me know. If I know of any TechNet subscription discounts I will post them in the HotDeals section of the site – this can be found in the menu at the top. Thanks. Si :) _______________________________________________________ ORIGINAL POST: Head on over to Eileen … [Read more...]