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Well, you may have noticed the slight re-vamp of the TechHead website.  It’d been quite some time since I’d last updated the look and feel of the site so felt it was about time I do something about it.  Over the course of last weekend I did a lot of research into how best update it, especially how to implement a more modern, and better coded, WordPress theme.  I didn’t want to change things too radically as I generally quite liked the layout and look of the original site – it just needed a semi-modern make-over.

TechHead - makeoverAfter trying out a few different themes I decided on using the WordPress Genesis Framework on which to base the site on, as it offered decent flexibility around customising the site, along with being search engine (SEO) friendly.  So far I’ve been impressed.

Probably the biggest change has been to the domain name.  As you may have known, I was using a “” domain which has given good service though perhaps isn’t the most memorable or instinctive for overseas (ie: non-UK) readers.  To try and keep things as straight forward as possible I have now changed TechHead’s URL to “”.  You can’t get much simpler, I’ve even dropped the WWW in front of the URL (although this will still work) as the general consensus amongst my fellow bloggers was that WWW was no longer that popular or used, at least with people under 80 years old.

TechHead.coSo there we have it, the new TechHead makeover.  I hope you like the new site, as always I am constantly looking for ways to improve it  and feedback is most welcome.

Thanks for visiting & reading TechHead, and if you have any links from your own site back to TechHead if you could change it to the new address, , that’d be much appreciated!  Smile

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    • Hi Alex,

      Thanks very much for letting me know. I thought this may happen. Unfortunately when Google swapped the FeedBurner user accounts accross to their own Google user accounts my original RSS feed has gone into limbo. I can’t get to it to change to the new domain name no matter what I try. It’s really annoying, as I have 1000+ subscribed. 🙁

      I’ve also researched into it and others have had a similar problem with no response or assistance from Google. Double 🙁

      I will keep trying though if you wouldn’t mind updating your RSS feed in your reader to:

      Thanks, 🙂


  1. Hey Simon, I like the refresh. So pleased you didn’t change or remove your “chad” logo 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you in SanFran!

    • Thanks Jane. 🙂

      The ironic thing is that it was only ever meant to be temporary whilst I tried to come up with another logo, it kinda just stuck.

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