TechHead Changes Web Hosting Provider

After a problematic month where the TechHead site gets taken offline without notice by my hosting provider for consuming between 5-10% of CPU resource it was time to start looking for a new home for TechHead.

In fairness I had probably outgrown the shared hosting platform the site was running on as the site now receives close to 85,000 hits per month and moves over 100GB of traffic.  The issue I had however was with the site getting taken offline without so much as a warning email !

 TechHead Moving HomeLooking around I weighed up all the options from hiring a dedicated server, more shared hosting right through to finding colo for my own server.  All had pro’s and con’s though at the end of the day it came down to the financials as hosting or finding colo for your own server can cost serious money which the sponsorship I have on the site unfortunately won’t go anywhere near covering.

Though at the suggestion of Quest Software’s Joe Baguley (@joebaguley) I took at look at Memset’s hosting offerings.  I had heard of Memset before though wasn’t familiar with their hosting packages butafter taking a look I was impressed with their range of hosting solutions.

So, if you are reading this then you have reached TechHead’s new home on a MemSet Miniserver VM Virtual Server!  It now feels quite liberating to have full control of the server from which the site is being run from and most importantly I no longer have to worry about TechHead being taken off line due to using 5-10% of the hosting servers CPU resource.  In fact I now have a pair of Xeon processors to utilise!

Thanks to all my followers and readers on TechHead, I appreciate your feedback and comments – keep them coming and I hope you enjoy the new go-fast, more reliable site.  🙂

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