Time to get the show back on the road!

Time to get the show on the roadHi Folks! Those of you that visit the TechHead site from time to time have probably noticed that the number posts have been rather…. well, sporadic (at best). Though it is now time to get the show back on the road, after an “interesting” year where I was diagnosed and treated for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Definitely a life journey and one that makes you re-assess things and consider what is important, etc.  Tech is still very much one of these important things for me.

The good news is that earlier in the year I was given the official all-clear by the specialist (phew!) and have since been (and continue to) recover from the affects of the treatment – namely fatigue.

Fatigue zzzzzFatigue has, and continues to be, an interesting thing to contend with whilst trying to get your life back to normal, and not something I have ever experienced before. Extreme tiredness, yes, but not fatigue which is in a whole league of its own. Fortunately as time progresses the fatigue is becoming less and less, and as a result I am now trying to get things back to normal again. Albeit a much healthier “normal” and balanced lifestyle this time around.

The blog is one area that I haven’t had any time or energy for for quite some time (as you may have noticed Smile ), though with my energy levels slowly returning I am now keen to start blogging again, and to write content, that I hope, provides value and helps others. I have also particularly missed the regular dialogue with readers, friends and followers on the blog and via the usual social media channels.

My old home labIt is also a great opportunity/excuse to rebuild my home lab with some of the latest offerings from VMware, and to also bring myself up to speed with some of the new virtualization, storage and lab related products that have been released whilst I was working through the Lymphoma.

So… firstly, a big thank you for continuing to read TechHead, and secondly, watch this space for a more regular schedule of blog posts.  It will be small steps at first, whilst I continue to get over the fatigue in the coming months, though plan to release posts on the various products that I am actively involved with in my day-job at EMC (eg: EMC Hybrid Cloud), along with the VNX VSA/simulator (eg: how-to,demos, etc), things VMware & Microsoft (if they ever bring back the TechNet subscription!) and of course things relating to home labs.  I can’t wait to get going, and look forward to getting started writing again and playing around in my lab during my spare time.

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  1. Great to read that you are well, be better to share a drink with you. Let’s try and get the general blogging community back into shape…

    • Thanks Martin. Great to be back, and a huge relief to put that all behind me. Looks forward to catching up sometime soon, it’s been a while & always enjoy our chats.

      Sounds like a good plan – time for a blogging community workout! 🙂

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