Useful EMC Online Community & Support Resources

Are you an existing EMC product(s) owner, or perhaps thinking about using EMC in your IT infrastructure?  If so, I want to draw your attention to three excellent EMC online resources that are sometimes overlooked, though can provide you with a lot of value and convenience – The EMC Community Forums, the EMC Support App and the EMC Mobile App both for Apple iPhones/iPads.  

EMC Support Communities

EMC Support CommunitySo whether you’re trawling the internet in search for EMC specific information, real-world reviews/feedback or whether you are trying to find an answer to an issue you are currently experiencing with your EMC product then check out one (or more) of the excellent EMC online communities which contain actively moderated forums, whitepapers and upcoming event calendars to name a few:

EMC Support App – iPhone/iPad

EMC Support AppThis free to download and use EMC Support App provides you with a highly convenient and easy way of gaining secure access to any EMC Support tickets that you may have open.  The app is synchronized real-time meaning that you have the latest information for EMC support tickets at your fingertips.  I really wish I had this type of support app back when I was a sys admin.

    Get your hands on the EMC Support App from the Apple App Store here, and for more information visit the Support App site here.


    EMC Mobile – iPhone/iPad

    EMc MobileThis is a another free EMC app for the iPhone/iPad.  The EMC Mobile app offers a number of different features that helps bring together various sources of EMC information that you would likely want to access on a regular basis.  So no more having to jump between various sites, documents and/or social media outlets. The following is a summary of the functionality:

    Reference Library: Synchronise your EMC documentation library directly from the EMC Cloud.  This provides a highly convenient way for you to access your EMC reference docs without needing to startup your laptop and be permanently connected to the internet.

    Latest EMC News & Social Content: The EMC Mobile interface also provides an easy way to access the latest EMC news along with things relating to EMC Social Media.
    EMC Video: There is a steady flow of new EMC centric videos covering everything from Big Data discussions through to more product specific demonstrations that can be found within the interface of the EMC Mobile App.
    Fun n Games: Want to kill a bit of time on the train/plane (delete where applicable) home – why not try out the EMC Tweet Jumble game.  Who said business type apps had to be boring?  Smile

    EMC Storage
    So there we have it, three very useful EMC related online resources that will make your life a lot easier in keeping up with the latest EMC news, product reference material and getting in contact with EMC Experts that can help answer your questions.  Give them a try and let me know what you think.

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