vBeers .org – New Central Community Site for vBeers Events

vBeers New SiteAfter many months of on again, off again work Simon Long and myself are pleased to announce… vBeers.org !

We’ve been keen to produce a centralised vBeers site for the virtualization community to come and check and inform others on any vBeers events that they or others may be organised.  If you are wondering “what is vBeers?” then head over to the new vBeers site and check out the ‘About vBeers’ section here the site also contains some useful tips on how to start your own vBeers

At vBeers.org anyone can come, register and within minutes start adding information on the site to announce their own vBeers event.

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Since forming ‘vBeers’ it has been well received by the vCommunity to the point where there are already regular vBeers events in the UK, Holland, Italy, USA and Australia.  This doesn’t include the many impromptu one-off vBeers gatherings put together by individuals when fellow vGeeks are in town visiting.  Twitter (hashtag: #vBeers) has been an effective medium in getting the word out around any such vBeers get-togethers.

Additional functionality and improvements will be added to the site over time, we’re very much open to feedback on how you’d like to see the vBeers.org site improved upon as after all it is a site intended for the vCommunity.  So drop me a line with any suggestions.

Hope you find it vBeers.org of use in attending or organising your next vBeers event.  Smile


New vBeers Site



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