vCalendar – Daily Facts, Tips, Best Practices and More.

Here’s a rather nifty idea from Jason Boche.  You’ve had the ‘Thought For The Day’ (that a relative bought you for Christmas) and the Dilbert page-a-day calendar now here’s a page-a-day calendar that will look well at home on your desk at work – it’s the vCalendar!

The vCalendar will contain a “collection of VMware virtualization facts, tips, best imagepractices, configuration maximums, and historical events”.  Great stuff to trickle feed useful VMware related tips and information into your head over the course of a year.

The vCalendar can be purchased online here at Printed Owl and more information can be found on Jason’s blog here.

The only catch I can see with it is that there doesn’t appear to be any international shipping option, so for now it is limited to those of you based in the US (I may be able to grab a few whilst I over in the US for VMworld if anyone is interested).


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