vChat – Episode 22 : The Late One

vChat - Episode 22In vChat Episode 22 (aka “the late one”) David Davis, Eric Siebert and myself talk about a range of different tech and VMware related topics.  It’s been a while since our last vChat and things weren’t helped by my taking ages to edit this episode – so apologies for the delay.  Lesson Learnt:  Never commit to editing videos when moving house and most of your things are in storage.  Smile Anyway, here are the topics we cover in this vGeek filled episode:

  • VMworld Europe 2011 in Copenhagen including vSphere Client for iPad announced with vMotion and vCenter Operations Manager release at VMworld Europe
  • VMworld 2012 in Barcelona
  • Home Labs including HP Microserver, Iomega PX Series, and virtual vs physical
  • VCP5 and how to prepare for it using TrainSignal’s vSphere 5 and Scott Lowe’s Mastering vSphere 5 book
  • Last day to upgrade your VCP4 to the VCP5 is Feb 29
  • Mike Laverick’s new SRM 5 book
  • Duncan and Frank’s vSphere 5 Clustering Deepdive Book
  • NEW VMware Press Books including Cody Bunch’s book on vCenter Orchestrator and Storage Design with vSphere
  • Cisco Press book – Cloud Computing: Automating the Virtualized Data Center
  • Top Virtualization Blog Voting – COMING SOON!
  • iPhone 4S
  • Apple Nano Watch with Lunatic Band
  • Siri – John Briggs, UK Siri voice
  • Reasons to go to vSphere 5
  • vRAM Pooled Pricing & Cloud VM Pricing – article by David Davis “Chaotic Cloud Pricing and more!


vChat is a regular virtualization video chat covering VMware vSphere, Cloud Computing, Virtualization News, and maybe some geeky humor. Regular contributors are 3 vExperts – Simon Seagrave (, Eric Siebert (, and David Davis (

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