VIDEO – HP Proliant MicroServer Hands On Review

After getting my hands on one of HP’s new AMD based Proliant MicroServers I decided to give it a good once over to gain a better understanding of it’s components, build quality and how it pieced together.  As a result I have created a couple of videos, the first is a ‘hands on review’ and the second shorter clip takes a look at the size of the HP Proliant MicroServer and how it compares to other small factors machines such as as the XPC Shuttle, and the larger Proliant ML115 G5.

I hope these videos are of use to those of you out there curious about this new HP MicroServer offering or who are maybe considering buying one.  The next test will be to see if it will meet my requirements of  using it as a VMware ESX/ESXi host for my vSphere lab environment.  Check out my previous blog post here for more information about the MicroServer and for a more detailed look into it’s specification.



A question no doubt asked by many when the HP MicroServer was announced is, “how micro is this MicroServer?”.  In this clip I compare it in size to an XPC Shuttle and an HP Proliant ML115 G5.


So, as mentioned the next test for the HP Proliant MicroServer is see how practical it would be as a VMware ESX/ESXi host, especially in light of the relatively low specification CPU?  I will release a post soon with my findings.

I’d be interested to know your thoughts on the MicroServer…  Is this new small form factor addition to the HP’s Proliant range of servers an effective solution for the SMB space or just under powered even for those SMB environments with >10-12 users, for which it is intended?


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