Virtualization & Cloud Podcast Directory

Virtualization Cloud Podcast Directory

UPDATE: Please bookmark and visit the ‘ Tech Podcast Directory’ at the top of the page, I will be updating this going forward with all the latest podcast listings. 

Here are a list of popular virtualization, Cloud and tech related podcasts, many of which I try and listen to on a regular basis as they provide an effective way of keeping on top of what it happening in the industry, particularly in the areas of virtualization and Cloud.  How much time I get listen to podcasts is usually determined with how much travel I’m doing in the car or train to and from the office.

Over the past couple of years podcasts have come and gone though there are a few that have, and continue to, endure the test of time.  As this is a resource that could prove useful for future reference I will give this Virtualization and Cloud podcast directory its own menu at the top of the TechHead page.  Check back there regularly for updates.

If there are any podcasts that I have missed that you think worthy of inclusion then please let me know in the comments section below and I’ll get them added.  Happy Listening!

Virtualization Podcasts

AdaptingIT-Podcast_thumb AdaptingIT AdaptingIT brings you some great information on all subjects surrounding IT from some of the best women in the business. Some of the episodes are technical while others focus on some of the careers surrounding the technology.
APAC-Virtualization-Roundtable-Podca APAC Virtualization Roundtable Similar to the VMware Communities Roundtable, but with a “down-under” twist, hosted by Craig Waters.
Chinwag-Podcast_thumb1 Chinwag (MP3)
Chinwag (Video)
Interviews with various people and vendors in virtualization industry from VMware Cloud evangelist, Mike Laverick.
Microsoft Virtualization Podcast[5] Microsoft Virtualization Podcast Microsoft virtualization focused podcast, hosted by Carsten RachFahl. *Note: this podcast is in German.
vBrownbag-Podcast_thumb vBrownBag I highly recommend you check this podcast series if you are studying for a VMware certification. vBrownBags are a series of online webinars held using GotoMeeting and covering various VMware & VMware Certification topics.
vCatchup-Podcast4 vCatchup vCatchups are a series of video/audio interviews with well known and less well known people who make up the virtualisation and VMware community. Hosted by Craig Waters.
vChat-podcast_thumb3 vChat (MP3)
vChat (Video)
General VMware & Tech related chat, with David Davis, Eric Siebert and Simon Seagrave.
Veeam-Community-Podcast_thumb1 Veeam Community Podcast From blogging veteran Rick Vanover. Although a vendor podcast it offers decent vendor agnostic content and discussion.
Virtualization-Security-Roundtable-P Virtualization Security Roundtable Things virtualization security related, hosted by Edward Haletky.
VMware-Communities-Roundtable-Podcas VMware Communities Roundtable This is a regular VMware centric podcast hosted by John Troyer and has regular VMware guests from the various product and solutions divisions.
VMware-Product-Podcasts_thumb1 VMware Product Podcasts Various VMware product podcasts, created by VMware Corporate.
vNews-Podcast_thumb1 vNews Covers a monthly wrap-up of virtualization related news, hosted by Stu McHugh.
vSoup-Podcast6_thumb1 vSoup A from the trenches style podcast. A laid-back and fun format, hosted by Christian Mohn, Ed Czerwin and Chris Dearden.

Cloud Centric Podcasts

The Cloudcast Podcast The Cloudcast A must-listen podcast for anything Cloud related, hosted by Brian Gracely and Aaron Delp.

General Tech Podcasts

Data-Center-Insiders-Podcast_thumb4 Data Center Insiders Covers the topic of Enterprise IT with a particular angle on things relating to EMC and its partners. Hosted by Simon Seagrave.
Geek-Whisperers-Podccast_thumb Geek Whisperers A podcast dedicated to social media and community. Covers topics including engaging with influencers, fostering community, and helping spread the word about cutting edge technologies and how to succeed with them. Hosted by John Troyer, Amy Lewis, and Matthew Brender.
Speaking in Tech Podcast Speaking in Tech Highly entertaining and informative podcast from Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela, covering a range of Tech Industry related products. This is one to add to your list.

Networking Podcasts

Packet-Pushers-Podcast4 Packet Pushers Podcast Packet Pushers is about Data Networking – routing, switching, firewalls, security and much more. Hosted by Greg Ferro and Ethan Banks.


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    Hi Simon, a couple others for your list: vCatchup, AdaptingIT, vBrownbags & geek whisperers. It’s more network related but PacketPushers is another one. There is also the PowerShell podcast (I don’t listen to that one, though I hear it’s good). And, whatever happened to DataCenter Insiders?

    • says

      Hi GS,
      Apologies for the delay in replying. It is currently pre-EMC World madness where every waking hour is dedicate to pre-show meetings and work. :)

      Some great suggestions there – thank you!

      I’ll get them added.

      Hope to catchup again soon,



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