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There were a couple of VMware Security Alerts that came out late yesterday (UK time) which prompted me to put together this simple post.

As with any security patches or updates that are released you should take the time to familiariseVMware Security Alerts yourself with them to see if, and how they impact your IT infrastructure.  This sounds easier than it actually is as in reality few people have the luxury of sitting down during their average working day to read security advisories from VMware, Microsoft or otherwise.  In the perfect world this should be part of a system administrators daily schedule though isn’t it funny how fire-fighting a whole raft of ongoing issues always seems to always take priority over taking such pro-active steps?  :)

So in an attempt to at least make things a little easier for yourself in keeping across any security alerts from VMware why not subscribe to their email and RSS security alert subscription service? 

Signing up is as simple as heading over to the VMware Security Center here and via a few clicks of your mouse and keyboard subscribing to either the RSS or Email notification service (see screenshot below).  I personally like the convenience of an email which contains all the necessary advisory details – great for when I’m out and about and only have my Blackberry on me.

The VMware Security Center is a good source for white papers, advisories and general information relating to, as you might expect, VMware Security – well worth a visit and a look around.


VMware Security Alerts - Patches and Updates


On the subject of VMware security take a look at the VMware Infrastructure 3 Security Hardening white paper – this 31 page document contains plenty of useful security related hints and tips.  Although this white paper was written for VI3 much of the content still relates to vSphere and I have heard rumours of a vSphere update to this white paper sometime on the near future.

Finally, if you are interested in finding out more about securing your vSphere environment check out Edward Haletky’s VMware vSphere and Virtual Infrastructure Security: Securing the Virtual Environment book which makes for a good read.

So without further ado why not head on over to the VMware Security Center and sign up to the Security Alert today?



  1. says

    Great tip Simon,

    thanks for the info. Just subscribed with my RSS reader under Google… Accessible from almost everywhere.. -:)

    I would be lost without using RSS today… I have a page on my web since the beginning my adventure of blogging. It can help to understand RSS… http://www.vladan.fr/what-is-rss/


    vLadan … -:)

    • says

      Hi Vladan,

      Thanks for calling past TechHead and reading the post. I really have to start using RSS feeds a lot more in the New Year. I’ve just checked out your ‘What is RSS’ article – good & interesting stuff! :)



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