VMware vExpert 2012 Nominations

VMware have recently opened the gates for vExpert 2012 nominations.  The annual title of VMware Expert is awarded to those “individuals (not employers) for their commitment to sharing their knowledge and passion for VMware technology above and beyond their job requirements.”.  The past couple of years have seen the number of vExperts increase from 252 back in 2009 to 326 in 2011, with 2012 being no exception with more vExpert titles being promised.

VMware vExpert nominations 2012Along with the increase in the number of vExperts for 2012 there is also three new “paths” through which someone can be awarded the vExpert title.  The following is a summary from VMware on these three paths:

Evangelist Path
The Evangelist Path includes book authors, bloggers, tool builders, public speakers, and other IT professionals who share their knowledge and passion with others with the leverage of a personal public platform to reach many people. Employees of VMware can also apply via the Evangelist path.

Customer Path
The Customer Path is for internal evangelists and community leaders from VMware customer organizations. They have contributed to success stories, customer references, or public interviews and talks, or were active community contributors, such as VMUG leaders.

VPN (VMware Partner Network) Path
The VPN Path is for employees of our partner companies who lead with passion and by example, who are committed to continuous learning and to making their technical knowledge and expertise available to many. This can take shape of event participation, video, IP generation, as well as public speaking engagements.

There are definitely benefits in being a vExpert such as:

VMware vExpert Benefits:
  • Public recognition of the vExpert award with a certificate, gift, permission to display a logo, and inclusion in any public vExpert listing

  • Access to a private vExpert community of your peers

  • Free subscription to conference session materials on VMworld.com

  • Access to exclusive events, beta programs, software licenses, and other exclusive opportunities to participate in activities with VMware. vExperts do not represent VMware and are not required to participate in any activities

VMware vExpert 2012 nominations[4]If you’d like to nominate yourself or another person for the vExpert 2012 title then simply complete the following online form here.

So go on, throw your hat in the middle and put yourself in the running to become a VMware 2012 vExpert.  Good luck!


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