VMware vSphere PowerPoint Graphics & Visio Stencils

Every couple of months when I go to put together a new PowerPoint presentation or Visio diagram I always find myself looking for VMware related graphics or stencils to use.  I do install them on my laptop or main desktop PC though for whatever reason due to a new OS rebuild or similar I never seem to have them local to me, also I like to ensure that I am using the latest and greatest diagrams or stencils if possible.

So, to avoid the usual wasted minutes hunting around the various sources to try and find these funky VMware related graphics/stencils I have put together the following links, if nothing else for my own benefit.  If I am missing any please let me know and I will add them to the list.  I will also be adding these links to my ‘Cool Links’ section at the top of the page.  Hope you find these links of use.


PowerPoint VMware  MS PowerPoint:

VMware Infrastructure Operations (VIOPS) – Here you’ll find the latest VMware vSphere PowerPoint graphics for use in your presentations. Below is an example of a few of the graphics found in this extensive downloadable PowerPoint pack.

VMware Stencils Viso PowerPoint

Xtravirt Presentation Pack – This presentation pack from the team at Xtravirt offers some pretty slick general IT related PowerPoint and Visio graphics.  *Note: An Xtravirt logon (free to register) is required for the download. See Visio section below for an example of the graphics.


image  MS Visio:

Official VMware Visio Stencil Pack – As to what ever happened to the official VMware Visio stencil pack is something of a mystery as it hasn’t appeared (or at least I’ve never been able to find it) on the VMware.com web site for quite some time.  Luckily Maish over at TechnoDrone had a copy of these official VMware Visio stencil packs which he has made available via his site here.

Official VMware Visio Stencil Pack

Official VMware Visio Pack 2

Veeam VMware Visio Stencils – This VMware Vision stencil set offering from Veeam has all the usual basic objects that you’d expect.  The graphics aren’t quite as polished as those found in the official VMware stencils though are fine for most diagrams.  *Note: A Veeam logon (free to register) is required for the download.

Veeam VMware Visio Stencils

vEcoShell – This small and basic Visio stencil set from the vEcoShell team cover most of the basic objects required for a very high level VMware vSphere Vision diagram.

vEcoShell VMware Visio Stencils

Xtravirt Presentation Pack – As mentioned in the PowerPoint section above this presentation pack from the team at Xtravirt offers some pretty slick IT related PowerPoint and Visio graphics.  *Note: An Xtravirt logon (free to register) is required for the download.

Xtravirt VMware Stencil[7]

Other Vendor Visio Stencils:

Thanks to Colin Westwater for pointing out another excellent Visio stencil resource, VisioCafe.  This site has a wealth of vendor Visio stencils and is definitely worth a look – give your Visio diagrams that extra bling!

Visio Cafe


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Jane Rimmer
4 years 7 months ago

Thanks for posting this Simon, tremendously useful!


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Colin Westwater
4 years 7 months ago

Simon, love the blog. If you need some vendor specific stencils, this is a great site:


I am sure you know about it already, but other readers might not.

4 years 7 months ago

Hi Colin,

Thanks for the feedback – much appreciated. Glad you like the blog. :)

Great point re: Visio Cafe – this is an excellent vendor stencil resource. I’ll add it to post, as you say others will definitely find this of use.

All the best,