VMworld 2010 Session – “Building an Affordable vSphere Environment for a Lab or Small Business”

Hey all you TechHeads!  Eric Siebert, Simon Gallagher and myself have our session at VMworld San Francisco today(Monday, Midday (noon) Moscone West, Room 2007) called, “Building an Affordable vSphere Environment for a Lab or Small Business”.  In our session we will be covering the many subject areas around building a successful vSphere SMB or home/work lab solution, including server hardware, storage, network, and licensing, and of course no self respecting session would be complete without a demonstration on how to bring it all together.


So if you’re attending VMworld hope you come along, ask questions and don’t forget to say “Hi!”.  More details below.  :)

vSphere home labs VMworld 2010

Building an Affordable vSphere Environment for a Lab or Small Business

This session will cover how to build a vSphere home lab or an environment for use in a small business. It will cover the following areas:
1) How to choose the hardware, including white box hardware, brand name hardware, network components and storage
2) What the hardware compatibility guide means and the consequences of using unsupported hardware
3) Making sure the hardware you choose will work with vSphere
4) Using VMware Workstation to run
nested hypervisors and virtual machines
5) Using ESX or ESXi to run nested hypervisors or virtual machines
6) Installing ESXi on to a USB flash drive
7) How to choose and use affordable shared storage devices
8) Using free ESXi and free administration tools to manage it
9) Using the affordable Essentials editions to gain big features at a reduced cost
10) Putting it all together to make a virtual environment

US Speaker:
Eric Siebert Senior Systems Administrator
Boston Market
Simon Gallagher Infrastructure Architect
Simon Seagrave Senior Technical Consultant/vSpecialist
EMC Corporation

Technical Level:

Virtualization 101

Business Benefits of Virtualization

Area of Interest:
SMB, Education

60 minutes

Schedule Information

Monday 12:00 PM

Moscone West Room 2007


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