VMworld 2010 – Storage Super-Heavyweight Challenge

VMworld 2010 San Francisco sported a number of informative and entertaining sessions, with one in particular being the ‘Storage Super-Heavyweight Challenge’ where storage experts from Dell (Eric Schott), EMC (Chad Sakac), HP (Adam Carter) and NetApp (Vaughn Stewart) took to the stage to be asked and then have 2 minutes to respond to questions from the audience around various storage topics.  This response time was dropped to one minute during the lightening round.

The session was moderated by Mike Laverick from RTFM who did a good job in giving the session the ‘Super-Heavyweight’ boxing match feel to it that you’d expect.  Cody Bunch from ProfessionalVMware.com was also in attendance to assist with the mic on the floor.

No bloodied noses, hair pulling or name calling from this ‘challenge’ though it does make for entertaining viewing especially if you have an interest in storage.



Note: Please excuse the non-HD quality of the video as the stage was darkly lit and the guy in front of me didn’t seem able to keep still for more than 30 seconds.  :)



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