VMworld 2012 – Still a long way off but…

Ok, so it’s a little way off though the speed at which time seems to fly these days VMworld will be soon upon us once again.  As you have probably heard already there are changes to the location of both the US and European based VMworld events.  The US based VMworld is returning once again to the Moscone Conference Centre in San Francisco and the European based VMworld from Copenhagen to Barcelona.  Here are more details around the location & dates:

  • VMworld San Francisco: 27th – 30th August 2012
  • VMworld Barcelona: 16th-18th October 2012

I hope to make to it one or both of the VMworld events this year and am glad to see it returning to San Francisco (City has a great atmosphere) and moving to Barcelona (Copenhagen was a nice place but sooooo expensive). 

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