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Eric Siebert author of the popular VMware site vSphere-Land is running a competition to find out who the top 25 VMware and virtualization bloggers are out in blogosphere.  Many of my personal favourites such as Scott Lowe, Chad Sakac,Eric Sloof and Duncan Epping to name but a few are up for nomination.  To be included in this top 25 (or top 20 as it was last year) list is quite an honour as it is seen as direct recognition by the readers and the VMware and virtualization community to how much value (content and entertainment) these particular blogs provide.

Win - Trainsignal's VMware vSphere Training DVDBy voting you are not only showing your support for your favourite bloggers but are also in to win one of two copies of Train Signal’s popular VMware vSphere training DVD featuring the excellent, and all round nice bloke, David Davis.  I have personally viewed these training DVDs (review to follow shortly) and can definitely recommend them – so why not enter the draw to win one?  :)



Voting is quick and as simple as CLICKING HERE, scrolling to the bottom of the post where it says “Click here to vote” and entering in numbers 1-10 along side the blog names to indicate (1 being your favourite) who you voting for and your order of preference.

If you’ve enjoyed reading or found useful any of my VMware or virtualization posts over the past year and feel like casting a vote for ‘TechHead’ it’d be much appreciated as to be in the running  would be great.  Thanks :)


Vote for your favourite VMware & Virtualization Blogger




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