Webcast Recording – Install & Run the EMC Celerra Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA)

I recently presented a webcast entitled “Install & Run the EMC Celerra Virtual Storage Appliance”.  This was great fun to present and was well attended with 165+ viewers.  In this webcast I covered the topic of installing, configuring and running an EMC Celerra Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA) with background on how the Celerra hangs together and a demonstration of how easy  it is to get the Celerra VSA up and running, complete with a basic Linux VM being served from it.

EMC Celerra VSA webcastAfter the webcast I have been asked by a number of people who were unable to make the presentation whether a recording of the webcast would be made available.  So I’m pleased to say that a recording was made and find below a link to this webcast’s recording along with a downloadable copy of the slide deck I put together and used.

I hope you find this material of use and don’t forget to get in touch with any questions and to also check out my recent blog posts on the EMC Celerra VSA here (other posts to follow):

Webcast Links:

Hope you find this of use and don’t forget to get in touch with any questions.  I will have the remaining blog posts around the EMC Celerra VSA in the coming couple of weeks so keep checking back.  Smile


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  1. Great article.
    Now I think we will see more comparision.
    Allthough netapp is starting with a virtual appliance.

    For an independend x86 based storage could be build with following componenets:
    1.) X86 oem server (dell, hp, ibm, fujitsu …)
    2.) Fusioio card
    3.) RAM
    4.) Virtual storage appliance (emc, netapp, datacore, falconstore, seanodes …
    5.) Fast interconnects (infiniband, 40 and 100 gigabit)

    With seanodes you could use the local disks or fusioio cards in an X86 server.

    • Hi Steve,

      Unfortunately these links are currently down so to get around this I have uploaded the Uber VNX VSA v1.0 ready for download on this site. Check out the ‘Hot Links’ section at the top of the page and then scroll down to the EMC section – you will find a download link from there.

      Hope this helps.


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