The Future of Backups with Mark Twomey (Storagezilla)

Data backups are essential in any size of business, though are not often not paid the attention, or budget, that it deserves.  With the cost of high capacity disk based storage dropping significantly over the past few years it has become the preferred backup medium of choice for many, though as Mark Twomey (aka Storagezilla) mentions in this informative video, this definitely doesn’t mean that tape is dead.  It still has its place.  Mark also covers the area of what’s currently happening with data backup technology and what the future of backups is likely to look like.

So if you are in any way involved with the backups for your business, then definitely take a few minutes to watch this high level video on data backups, as always it is really enjoyable speaking with Mark with his great sense of humour and excellent knowledge in this area of the industry.


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