WordPress Import & Export File Splitter

I recently migrated the TechHead blog to a new hosting company, and doing so proved to be a far from straight forward.  As the site has now been running for a number of years the number of articles (almost 1000) means that the WordPress database  containing all the blog post text and associated metadata has grown to be quite sizable.

When using the “standard” method of exporting and importing the WordPress XML file, which contains all your blog post, category and tag information, there is a 2MB file size limit during the import phase.  Most WordPress sites that have been around for a while will easily generate an xml export file size greater than 2MB.

Though all is not lost, as using this  WordPress Import/Export file splitting utility developed by Ian Cull you can split a WordPress Export file into multiple 1MB files, meaning that you aren’t limited by the 2MB maximum file size.  Although not a utility I’d use often it is good to keep it in the back pocket for when moving larger WordPress based sites around.

Wordpress Import Export File Split

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