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My name is Simon Seagrave & I am a Massachusetts, USA based Virtualization & IT Technology Evangelist heading up the Dell Technologies marketing demo team.

I love my work & spend most of my time working with Virtualisation, demonstration software, Virtual and Augmented Reality & Enterprise IT based technologies, in particular; VMware, Dell EMC, Alienware, and HTC Vive. As with any self-respecting, IT vGeek I run my own home IT lab, where I predominantly use VMware vSphere, Microsoft Windows, Dell servers, and Netgear switches.

This blog was created for my own use and as a reference for useful articles, etc that I came across on my travels. Though as time has progressed it is good to see that other people are accessing it also. I hope you find it useful. 🙂

Any ideas on how to improve the site or topics you’d like to see covered, please drop me an email – I’d love to hear from you.

Simon Seagrave - VMware EMC HP Tech Blogger

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simon at techhead dot co dot uk

The Disclaimer Bit: Although I work for Dell Technologies, my thoughts and views expressed on this blog are purely my own and are not those of Dell Technologies. I am not a blogger for Dell Technologies and write about topics and products which interest me, and hopefully you too.  Use the information and guidance provided on this site at your own risk.

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