Amazon S3 ‘Service Failure’? Ouch!

It would appear that Amazon’s S3 (Simple Storage Service) platform has been experiencing a few difficulties the past half day.  According to the Amazon Service status monitoring service it is showing as having a ‘Service Failure’ between 22:56 yesterday (22/3/09) and  15:58 today (23/3/09).  If your wondering how Hyperic, who run CloudStatus, monitor Amazon’s S3 platform here is an outline.


I find it hard to believe that there was a total service failure during this time and suspect that perhaps it was only part of the S3 environment though if the CloudStatus’s monitor is to be believed then there was definitely something untoward happening.

With an increasing  number of servers running on Amazon’s EC2 ‘Elastic’ platform using the S3 service for  storage does this highlight to businesses thinking of building out on ‘The Cloud’ that occasionally there will be Cloudless days..  (Sorry, couldn’t resist it 🙂 ).

Amazon Web Services (AWS) can be monitored via the independent CloudStatus site or directly at Amazon’s own AWS status update page.


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