Apple Mac Pro 2013 – How It’s Made Video

Mac Pro 2013 How Its Made VideoThe Apple Mac Pro 2013 model is the first product from Apple in quite some time that has really caught my eye.  The innovative look and design of this new Mac Pro really is something of beauty, not to mention it’s considerable IT horsepower power under the hood.  It will no doubt end up on this year’s Christmas wish-list of many a designer or geek.

I won’t be buying one anytime soon as my trusty old 2008 Apple Mac Pro that I picked up in EBay for £600 (minus the new graphics card and 16GB of memory I put into it) is still going strong and offers all the power I need for my day to day work, along with a splash of occasional video editing for any demos or podcasts I may have recorded.

Anyway, Apple have released the following video which provides an insight into the steps involved in producing the new Apple Mac Pro 2013, and transforming a block of aluminium into a thing of Geek beauty.  I definitely recommend you take a look.  It certainly made me realise how the starting US$2999 price tag for the base model is justified, also it is good to see production of the Apple Mac Pro move back to the US.  Now I just need to start saving….  Enjoy.

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