Cloud Camp – London.

Just a reminder to those of you based in the UK that the London Cloud Camp is taking place this evening (Thursday 12th March).  I attended the last event and found it most worthwhile.  They run in the evenings after work so there are worries about getting time off to attend.  Here is a break down of the agenda and lightening talk speakers/topics. 

18h15 Registration
19h00 Lightning Talks – prompt start please!
20h00 Unconference Discussions
21h00 Networking – Beer and Pizza
22h00 Close


Lightning Talks
Confirmed speakers:

  1. Owen Garrett, Product Manager, Zeus Technology, “Load balancing in the Cloud”
  2. Joe Baguley, CTO EMEA, Quest, title TBD
  3. Richard Davies, CEO, ElasticHosts, “How cloud will change your company”
  4. Solomon Hykes, dotCloud, “Introducing a cross-cloud platform”
  5. William Fellows, Principal Analyst, The 451 Group, “The Sky’s The Limit”
  6. Alex Heneveld, CTO Cloudsoft Corporation, “Cloud Routemaster”
  7. Mark Masterson, enterprise architect and troublemaker, “Security? Why what you probably think that means is probably doomed to fail, in the cloud…”
  8. Matthew Fowler, Director NT/e, “CloudSave – Object-Relational Mapping for the Cloud”
  9. Philipp Huber, Huber & Associates, “What to consider when building an Enterprise Cloud”
  10. Neil Bartlett, Author of ‘OSGi in Practice’, “Provisioning the Cloud with OSGi”
  11. Clare Coull, Marketing Manager of Quest Software UK & Ireland Ltd, “Just Another Architecture?”

More information on Cloud Camp and this particular London based event can be found here.

For those of you not based in London there are other regular Cloud Camp events happening around the UK and rest of the world check out the main Cloud Camp site here for more details


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