DCI#13 – EMC Code Project with Brian Gracely

dci13Community is where it’s at with the EMC Code project.  But what is the EMC Code project?

I speak with Brian Gracely, Senior director of the EMC Code Project (emccode.github.io), to find out more on what the EMC Code Project is,  and how it helps EMC become more engaged, and aligned, with open communities.

From the EMC Code Project’s github page it’s tagline is, “EMC believes in open source. CODE is here to share and collaborate with developers worldwide”,  and from my conversation with Brian, in this episode of the Data Center Insiders podcast, this seems to accurately reflect what the team is about and is hoping to achieve.

Listen to this episode to find out more on how the project came to be, more about what it entails and also some of the great content that both they and the open community is currently producing.

Links Mentioned:

WWW: emccode.github.io

Twitter: @emccode

The Cloudcast Podcast:  www.thecloudcast.net

Brian’s Twitter Handle:  @bgracely

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