EMC VSI Plugin for VMware vSphere Web Client

EMC VSI VMware vSphereMany of you that have installed or upgraded to VMware vSphere 5.x have likely given the new more fully featured web based client a try.  I have been using it in my lab since release and am liking the crisp clean interface, not to mention the ability to manage my vSphere environment from my Apple OSX based machines.  There is still some vSphere management functionality not available via the web based version of the client, though with each minor release of vSphere more and more of this functionality is being added.  As you probably know, the end goal is for the non-web based client that we have all been using for the past number of years to be phased out, with this happening sooner rather than later.

If you are are running VMware vSphere based VMs on EMC storage then you should really have installed and be using the VMware Sphere client EMC VSI plugin. Why?  Simple, because it’s free, easy to install and can potentially save you (or your VM Administrators) a  significant amount of time on a daily basis.  Perform common day-to-day tasks on your EMC storage all from within the vSphere client with no more flicking between management tools and utilities to get the job done.

Not familiar with the VMware vSphere client EMC VSI plugin? Not to worry, check out my earlier post here for more detailed information on the EMC VSI plugin and the functionality it can offer you.  Visit the EMC PowerLink portal to download the latest version (you will need to sign up for a PowerLink account (free)) first.

VMware vSphere VSI EMC

So… with the VMware vSphere client moving to a web (Flex) based version, what about the EMC VSI plugin for the web vSphere client? Well, the good news is that there is one currently under development, which does look rather awesome in its appearance and functionality. This new version of the EMC VSI plugin for the vSphere web client has been rewritten from the ground up using FLEX, ensuring it can be used within the new vSphere web based client framework.

EMC VSI vSphere Flex Web

I should take this opportunity to point out that there hasn’t been any confirmed release date for this new VSI plugin though it will be sometime in the first half of the New Year (2013) and well worth the wait!

The following are some of the main storage based functions that you will be able to perform via the new Flex based version of the VSI plugin, no doubt in time more and more functionality will be added and for more of EMC’s portfolio of products:

    • Easy to view configuration of the underlying storage
    • Role based authentication
    • Set Tiering Policies
    • Protect
    • Extend storage
    • Snaps
    • Delete
    • Compress/Uncompress
    • Clone

    Also, the new VSI plugin will even offer EMC VFCache integration!

    EMC VSI plugin vsphere 5.1

    I recommend taking a look at the following video from Chad Sakac (@sakacc) who takes you through a preview of the new flex based EMC VSI plugin – definitely worth a look even if you’re not an EMC customer as it is one slick looking vSphere Client plugin.



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