Exciting New Change!

Hi all! Well, as you may have noticed it’s been a while since I last wrote a blog post.

I actually love writing posts, particularly those that are in areas of tech that I’m interested in, though it’s amazing how home-life and work can get in the way. Despite my best intentions. 


Anyway… after a long absence, I have recently felt a real drive to start blogging and podcasting again. Hence this post, and with which I having some exciting news (at least for me) to share with you all…


… I’m changing jobs!


The Past


Just 10 years ago, I was fortunate enough to join the EMC vSpecialist team, under the fantastic leadership of Chad Sakac. For me, my time as a vSpecialist was a career highlight which saw me working alongside some of the most talented and wonderful people I have met in the industry. Many of these people I still keep in contact with and am fortunate enough to call friends.


After a few years, and with the vSpecialist team completing its intended mission of putting EMC and VMware on the map as a/the key player in the virtualization space, my role took me into the EMC (later Dell Technologies – post-merger) marketing organization.


Here I had a role that was a mixture of both creative marketing and things technical, which for me are two things that I enjoy, as I love looking for ways to effectively convey and tell a compelling story associated with the benefits of particular tech.


This involved working closely with technical and marketing demos teams, and often on pre-release hardware/software-based products – which was exciting.


Now onto …


… The Future

Red Hat Openshift

Starting Monday 18th January 2021 I will be starting a new job at Red Hat, on the OpenShift product marketing team.


The prospect of joining the OpenShift team was one that I couldn’t resist, as they have a great platform, which I’ve always admired, and are a significant player in the cloud space, enabling businesses to create powerful Cloud-based next-gen apps via their hybrid cloud platform.


As we know, these Cloud based apps are the future, and will greatly assist businesses to remain competitive and, in-part, to differentiate themselves.

I’m really looking forward to the challenge and heading back to my roots, focusing on things Cloud. As an added bonus, I’ll also be working with a couple of friends, Brian Gracely (definitely check out his and Aaron Delps’s CloudCast podcast here), and well-known industry analyst and commentator, Stu Miniman (Twitter: @Stu) – who still has the best Twitter handle that I know!


So, expect more regular content from me going forward as I embark on this new journey, particularly in the areas of my new world; OpenShift, containerization, Kubernetes, and the associated eco-system.


Thanks for reading my post, and I look forward to connecting with you all in the near future.


Take care and stay safe friends.

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