[Fix] How to access Starbucks WiFi when you aren’t redirected to the login page

Fix Starbucks WiFi Connection

I often like to work from my local Starbucks, I love the smell of coffee and the relaxed working environment it provides.
Unfortunately, I can’t drink coffee due to a disagreement my stomach has with it, though that’s another story, and doesn’t stop me liking the aroma of coffee.

Whilst sipping my cup of tea, I use their Google sponsored WiFi connection, along with a secure VPN connection whilst there, though sometimes find that I am not redirected to their login page upon my laptop connecting to the Google StarBucks WiFi and opening a web browser login to their WiFi login portal.

Now… there are no doubt multiple ways to fix this issue though for me I have found the simplest method is to open a web browser and pointing it to a non https URL.

Most reputable websites have an SSL certificate and an https address as their default (rather than an http adddress), though for some reason entering an https address into the web browser to prompt the local Google Starbucks WiFi to redirect to their free WiFi web session logon doesn’t work.

I find entering in a basic http address (eg: http://techhead.co) does the trick and the WiFi session re-direct kicks in without any problems.

If this doesn’t work for you, make sure that you’re not using static DNS settings for your WiFi connection, ie: have your laptop/device get dynamic DNS addresses from the StarBucks router.

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