Fix: VMware vSphere Client – Error 1406. Could not write value

During the upgrade or installation process of the VMware vSphere Client you may find yourself presented with the following error message, “Error 1406. Could not write value …”.

As with most issues/errors/problems there are a couple of different ways to resolve it.  The easiest I have found in this case is to delete a particular Windows registry key.  The following basic steps will show you how to resolve this “Error 1406” error message when installing/upgrading your VMware vSphere Client.

Before we start however I should point out that the registry key we will be removing could be shared with other VMware applications or utilities, eg: VMware Converter.  So take care before removing the registry key.

VMware vSphere Client Error 1406 Could not write value


If you are trying to upgrade your vSphere Client (not vSphere Server installation) I would recommend first de-installing it.  To do this or to proceed with the fix for this “Error 1406” issue press the ‘Abort’ button to exit and rollback the vSphere Client installation.

VMware vSphere Clienr Error 1406 Fix


Next click the ‘Yes’ button to confirm the cancellation of the install.

VMware vSphere Client Error 1406 Fix

Once the vSphere Client installation has been cancelled remove any existing vSphere Client installs (not vSphere Client) from the PC/Server.

Next start the Windows registry editor

Error 1406 Fix Regedt32


With the Windows registry editor opened navigate to the following registry key: 


Take a look inside it to see if there are any other VMware applications or utilities listed, if there is only remove the key entitled: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREWow6432NodeVMware, Inc.VMware Virtual Infrastructure Client.

VMware vSphere Client Error 1406


Once you have deleted the registry key then restart the VMware vSphere Client installation.  I recommend running this installation as an Administrator.  To do this right mouse click on the EXE and then select ‘Run as administrator’.

VMware vSphere Client - Error 1406 run as administrator


Everything going to plan your VMware vSphere Client installation should now run through without any issue.

VMware vSphere Client - Installation Completed

Hope this helped you get past your pesky ‘Error 1406’ message. Good luck!


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