Fully Featured VMware vSphere Web Client (finally) On The Way

It’s been a long time in coming, though it finally looks like a fully featured version of the VMware vSphere web-based client is almost here!  Over the past few years, VMware has been slowly migrating the features found in their full-blown Windows based C# coded version of the vSphere management client across to the web client. 

This adoption of a web based client was great news for those virtualization administrators that weren’t Microsoft Windows based, as they now had a way to administer their vSphere infrastructure from their preferred non-Windows OS, though from the first release of the vSphere web client onwards there has been some inefficiencies and frustration that not all day-to-day administrative features and functions were accessible via the web client, though this has changed somewhat in more recent web client releases.  Some of these administrative functionality shortfalls have been gapped over time via free to download utilities from VMware’s Fling programme.  For a complete list of the current functionality availability in the web based vSphere Client (v6.5) take a look at the VMware doc here

VMware vSphere Web Client 6.5

The good news is that according to a recent blog post on the VMware vSphere Blog a fully featured version of the vSphere Client will be available in Fall 2018.  Although most of the key day-to-day features are currently available with the latest vSphere  web client release, this Fall 2018 update will offer all the required functionality, and will no doubt be welcome news to many vSphere administrators out there.

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